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Bad Moms Christmas Was Even More Disappointing Than Expected

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 19:52

I didn't expect much from the sequel to a movie filled with caricatures instead of characters, but this really took a step beyond. Yes, there were some sweet moments and great acting once in a while, but for the most part, this movie was simply boring, repetitive, and cliche. If you were a big fan of the first one, you might enjoy the second installment, but less so. 

We open with a scene of destruction, foreshadowing the wreck that this movie will be. This is the story of the three heroines from the last movie, being visited by their mothers. Each is a poorly constructed exaggeration of their daughters: one too controlling, one too smothering, and one that just doesn't care. The moms of the moms each do their part to destroy the lives of their children, until the heroines decide to take their Christmas back!

This movie could have been so great. Christmas is a stressful time of year. Here we have three characters that could give a fitting social reflection on the materialism, selfishness, and craziness of the season. Instead, we get a mom moving in next door, a mom that needs money for gambling debts, and another that wants to take kids to a five hour Nutcracker ballet. With all of this over-the-top writing, we do still see a glimpse into our own lives. We all love in our way; we all have our struggles. Christmas is the time for grace to our loved ones. It's not a great movie, but that's a nice message. Also, their trip to Las Vegas... I'd totally watch THAT movie!