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Adrift Made Me Appreciate My Meager Struggles

Check out Bethany's review:

Submitted by Joel on Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:53

I really needed a movie like this right now. As we're trying to get our house ready to sell (while it's already on the market), I'm starting to feel the tired running through my body. But here is a story about someone having it much worse and still overcoming. It was just the boost I needed to get me through this weekend. If you like movies about surviving against all odds, you'll like this movie.

Adrift tells the story of a couple of novice sailors trying to defeat the odds after a catastrophic storm damaged their ship. It's more of a character study, really, as this is based on actual events, so SOMEONE must make it out alive, right? It's not really the plot that drives the story, but the strength of spirit. For me, it was uplifting. It's all about freedom and living life to the fullest... being appreciative even in the worst of circumstances. 

The movie is pretty simple, so I'll keep my review simple. It's a pretty darn good movie about the worst struggle anyone should have to face. It gave me a nice boost to a weekend filled with more struggles trying to keep our heads above water, but it really felt like we were getting over the hump. Thanks for the boost, movie! I really needed it!