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Adrift - Floated into My Heart

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Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:55

The previews for this movie showed that it is super intense, and I tend not to like survival based movies very much.  I can appreciate the story, but for the most part I like movies to help me relax and escape life, while movies like this leave me tense and holding my breath, and leaving the theater more stressed than when I entered.  All that to say I was a bit apprehensive about this movie. 

Adrift follows the (true!) story of two lovers, Richard and Tami, who get an offer they can't refuse to sail a gorgeous ship from Tahiti back to San Diego, CA.  While on their voyage, a hurricane hits, and their ship is trashed, the food supply low, and fresh water almost gone.  What follows is  tale of grit, tenacity and the sheer strength of human will in impossible situations. 

The style of the movie started in a way I generally don't like - beginning in the middle of the action, then reversing to "five months earlier".  However, because the movie continued to flash back and forth between the current crisis and their previous time together, I didn't mind it nearly as much.  In fact, the style of story telling grew on me, as it was nice to have the interspersion of happier times in the midst of the chaos and aftermath of the storm.  Shailene Woodley was excellent as Tami, and Sam Claflin (Richard) is always a joy for me. 

Overall I enjoyed this movie far more than I expected.  I cried, there was some humor, and most of all I left inspired by the story.  If stranded in the ocean is a situation people can survive, I can get through whatever my life throws at me.  The timing was great for us as we are currently in the midst of upending our lives and the chaos can be overwhelming sometimes!  If you like survival movies, tales of romance, and seeing people overcome incredible odds, this is the movie for you.