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6 Underground Has A Terrible Name, But Is An Awesome Action Flick

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Submitted by Joel on Sun, 12/15/2019 - 14:40

Every movie has issues. Well, maybe not Schindler's List... but still! Sometimes these problems completely derail a movie. But other times, the good carries the bad through and you forgive those irritating flaws. Luckily, we have the latter in this case. The name is pretty terrible, but the editing is actually even worse. There are tons of flashbacks, and it's really hard to follow some of the storylines in some points. It even has a scene where they say, "And now you're all caught up!" with 'Present Day' shown on the screen. About two minutes later, they do another flashback! Ugh, movie. Ugh! But the action is incredible, and if you like a good action movie flick with just a dash of heart, this movie is for you!

6 Underground tells the story of six highly skilled people that are trying to right some of the worst wrongs in the world. They've all faked their deaths and become 'ghosts'. In order to get the job done, they must have no ties to the real world. So they try to take down the big bad, have some problems along the way, and do their best to overcome and complete the mission. 

I REALLY liked this movie. I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the entire time. It jumped all over the place, so I missed a lot, but it was so good, we literally watched it a second time immediately after we saw it the first time! Yeah, we did that. And it was even better the second time. The chase scenes were awesome. The jokes were awesome. The characters were awesome. The name was terrible. Some of the jokes were out of place and taken too far. But I forgive you, movie. You weren't perfect, but wow, what a ride! Great flick! A little too bloody in a few parts, but wow wow wow. If you like action movies, I think you'll LOVE this flick. So good. Watch it.