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15:17 to Paris - A Story of True Heroism

Check out Joel's review:

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 23:51

This is a story that needed to be told - a true story about three young American men who were thrust into a terrorist situation, and chose to do what they could to save the lives of those around them.  Part of what makes this movie incredible is that the three men play themselves - it was all that more interesting to watch knowing that we weren't just watching actors replay the drama and action, but the true heroes. 

This is a story that needs to be seen by audiences - it is equal parts inspiring and motivating.  However...I do wish the story had been told a little bit better.  To me the story telling was a bit jumpy, it kept flashing back and forth between childhood, the incident on the train, military training, and their journey though Europe.  It felt a little bit disjointed, and I would have preferred a smoother story line.  And while the guys who played themselves did a good job (especially for people not used to acting or being on camera) I was disappointed in some of the performances by the professional actors (though Joel tells me it was more likely a problem with directing).  

I wanted to give it a higher rating because this is definitely a movie worth seeing, but the writing, acting, and direction unfortunately made me score it lower.  While it certainly had room for improvement as a movie, the real life event is one all people should know about, and these real life heroes deserve all the appreciation and thanks we can give.  Go see it for them.