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The 15:17 to Paris Delivers a Story of Heroism

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Submitted by Joel on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 23:12

I really, really wish I could have given this movie a 10. Their story deserves a 10 movie. I'm honestly not sure why more resources weren't put into making this a 10. These men deserved a tribute worthy of their heroism, and this fell short, sadly.

In August 2015, a terrorist brought over 300 rounds of ammunition onto a train headed to Paris. His plan was foiled by some heroes: a couple of Frenchmen who first encountered the man, but weren't able to contain him, and three Americans who tackled him and restrained him with the help of an Englishman. This is the story of those three Americans who met as children and were traveling together across Europe. Two were in the service and luckily had combat training (and medical training). 

Sadly, this movie was not nearly as cool as these men. There were several clunky lines, some scenes that should have been cut, and others that should have been added (the guy that was shot LIVED and they said nothing about him!) There was still enough good in this that everyone should see it. It really happened and the three American heroes play themselves (although, they definitely aren't actors). I don't know if they ran out of money or what, but the story didn't flow very well, the writing at times was just awful, and it really isn't the tribute they deserve. I thought the three heroes were the best part of the movie, honestly. I don't know what went wrong with the production here, but really, this should have been a 10 movie. Still, everyone should see it because these men deserve the honors. What an amazing story!