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12 Strong Shows Pride in the Military

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Submitted by Joel on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 10:58

I tend to enjoy stories about highly skilled individuals winning at what they do best. Although this movie is a little on the shallow side, I still enjoyed it. It wasn't a great film, but I still enjoyed it. It's not super-gory or bloody, but it's still very violent. It does show an interesting side of American troops helping in the Middle East that many don't show: the politics of the tribal leaders. It's a little on the "YAY USA!" side, but it wasn't just a propaganda movie, either.

12 Strong follows the mission of the first dozen soldiers deployed into Afghanistan following the attack on 9/11. They meet up with anti-Taliban Afghanistan forces in order to remove a Taliban stronghold. At points, it's hard to tell if the movie is just pro-America or trying to show the elite status of the soldiers, so I just chose to see it as the latter. The 12 soldiers are better at almost everything except riding horses (which I must admit, does a pretty good job of humbling them). Each side overcomes the cultural differences to better understand their allies and work together.

In all, I did enjoy the movie. It's a tough subject to tell a story about, I think. Hollywood tends to embellish 'true stories', so it's hard to say if they were just doing their best to make the 12 out to be the best ever, or if they really are. Even if it is stretching the truth, it's still a pretty good story. I like how both sides give to the conflict, so it's not just 12 against the whole army. The movie was still a bit on the shallow side. There wasn't much bad about the movie, but not much really great about it, either. If true, it is a pretty good tale to tell, so I'm glad to have seen it, but there was just something missing for me.