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12 Strong - A Real Life Mission Impossible

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Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 17:58

I don't typically enjoy war movies.  I have a hard time watching the violence and often end up watching a portion of the movie with my fingers over my eyes.  In that regard, 12 Strong was no different.  There were scenes I just couldn't bring myself to watch completely.  However, I did enjoy the movie far more than I expected. 

I love watching movies where people do seemingly impossible things - when that story happens to be true, all the better.  12 Strong follows the story of Captain Mitch Nelson (played expertly by Chris Hemsworth) and his team who go to Afghanistan barely a month after the fall of the twin towers.  They each leave behind family and loved ones, but they are motivated by a love of their country and the desire to protect their fellow citizens.  When they arrive in country they are given a task that would be near impossible in the six weeks they've been given, then Captain Nelson vows to get it done in three, before the snow hits and makes the mountains impassable. 

What follows is a detailed accounting of their journey, their relationships with the locals, the struggles and skirmishes as they slowly make their way towards the goal.  There were so many moments I held my breath, anxious about what was going to happen next, what was going to happen to our heroes and the people they were working with.  It was a long movie (and we saw it late at night) but I never got bored, I was always on the edge of my seat (sometimes literally).  Even if you don't think this movie is for you (I didn't) I would recommend checking it out. 

Your thoughts?

I have to agree with you. This was a good telling. It was long but didn't feel long and right when I thought maybe it should end it actually did. It didn't try to outrun itself.  I think casting was well done and every preformed well too.