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100% Wolf is 20% Campy, 50% Fun, and 30% Awesome!

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Bethany's Rating: 5
Submitted by Joel on Fri, 09/04/2020 - 03:10

I don't really like most animated movies. Some do surprise me, though, like Moana, first instance. Most are exactly what I think they're going to be, though... thin characters with a silly plot and strained gags. Since it's animated, creators often think they can get away with basically anything, which brings me out of the movie. Hotel Transylvania is a great example of this. Like Monsters Inc, they introduce this world of monsters with no real rules at all. Unlike Monsters Inc, though, Hotel Transylvania has no interesting characters and exists in what is supposed to be our world, which just adds to the silliness. Can 100% Wolf overcome the monsters-in-our-world problems from past movies?

100% Wolf follows a young werewolf that upon coming of age fails to change into a huge and powerful wolf like his father, but instead turns into a poodle! (This is sadly a spoiled reveal that even the movie poster and every description of the movie must reveal. The movie tries to build up to it, and it's still kinda funny. If you like the movie and can prevent spoiling it for someone else and showing it to them, you should do it.) Now the poodle must prove his worth to the tribe while being a dog (which the wolves can't stand). 

So, did I like it? Well, the rating gives it away. It was decent. There was a lot that brought it down, but a lot that was endearing, too. I think if I had known nothing at all about the movie I would have enjoyed it a lot more because it does a decent job of subverting expectations, which I enjoy. There are also a lot of parallels to many of the problems young people go through. The hero is a poodle, which is an obvious disappointment to everyone. How can someone go through life with all these expectations when there will be so many realities pulling them down? I think this is a pretty good movie to share with your kids, which is actually a rarity for most animated movies. So, yeah... I did kinda like it. So you probably will, too!