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Skipping Ahead On Chests

One of the few ways I'm willing to spend gems in the game is to 'SKIP AHEAD' on chests (and ONLY on chests). Why? Because RARE chests are a major source for materials, tokens, and more gems. The more chests you finish, the more chances for a rare chest! I wouldn't start doing this until you are farming 8-7, though (playing it over and over cuz it's the BEST MAP STAGE). Until then, just let the chests tick down because you can't really complete them quickly anyway.

So when do I skip ahead? 

You get about three skips a day, so you can't just keep doing it. As the timer counts down, the gem cost gets cheaper, so my strategy is to skip when it ticks over to the cheaper amount. The BEST price is at <55mins* when it costs only 1 gem. Here is a time list of when each cost level changes (about every 35mins):

  1. <55 mins
  2. <1:30
  3. <2:06
  4. <2:42
  5. <3:18
  6. <3:54
  7. <4:30
  8. <5:06
  9. <5:42
  10. <6:18
  11. <6:54
  12. <7:30
  13. <8:06
  14. <8:42
  15. <9:18
  16. <9:54
  17. <10:30
  18. <11:06
  19. <11:42
  20. <12hrs

*note that it's LESS THAN. The second that clock ticks to 54mins 59secs, you can skip for 1gem!

An easy way to remember is to memorize the half past points at 1, 4, 7, or 10 hrs and 30 mins, it's about to tick down, then just add/subtract 35mins. Personally, I skip if I've got more than 20mins before the next jump. Otherwise, I wait. 

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