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Raiding - What is it?

Simply put, you fight other players. You set a defense team once you have a Watchtower and defend against attackers. If you're the attacker, you attack their defense. You raid their watchtower and take a portion of their resources (only from the Watchtower, not from personal resources).

Generally speaking, you have five guys, the tank (middle), the flanks (on either side of the tank), and the wings (on the far left and right of the field). The tank takes the most damage, so he needs to try and last the longest. If you win, you'll win trophies and resources. If you lose, you'll lose trophies.

I can't seem to win, what am I doing wrong?!

You can be paired against anyone within 300 trophies of your current total. This makes winning at low levels VERY difficult because there is a BIG difference between 0 trophies and 250 trophies. SO DON'T DESPAIR IF YOU'RE LOSING A LOT. Just set a goal of killing one or two guys at first. Once you start getting a dozen or so 3s, you'll have much more power to kill opponents more regularly.

Here are some other quick things to know about raids:

  • You can only raid and be raided once you have a Watchtower.
  • If you win an outpost in a province, you can never lose it.
  • Inside your Watchtower you can see who you've fought recently and even seek revenge for those who defeated you!
  • You can only be attacked when you're OFFLINE (with rare exceptions)!
  • If you lose a fight, you don't lose anything besides trophies.
  • Pairings are based SOLELY on trophies (within 300 of your current total). Team power is not considered at all!
  • If you beat someone with far more trophies, you'll get more trophies for a win (around 50 or so) and lose less if you fail (around 10 or so). Even fights win/lose about 30 trophies.

There are a lot of individual strategies for raids, so if you want to learn more strategies beyond this overview, go here.