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Do You Know These 15 Chicken Colloquialisms?

Submitted by Joel on Sat, 09/15/2018 - 08:25

Growing up in Iowa, I knew that chickens are pretty important to our lives. But I just assumed that chickens and the eggs they give us were just as important everywhere! Language and how it's used is a pretty good indicator of the value of something to society. Think about how many different words/phrases we have for money! 

Now that we're working with chickens everyday, we're realizing how many colloquialisms there are about chickens! Or maybe it's just us Iowans. We asked people in Germany (where there are also quite a few chickens) if they could think of any local sayings about chickens, and they could only think of a few. 

Well, without using the power of the internet, Bethany and I were able to come up with well over a dozen! We left out more generic sayings, like "Birds of a feather flock together", but we did include a few that we typically think 'chicken' when we hear them. Here is our list of just the MEANINGS of the sayings. How many of these do you know the chicken-related phrase that it relates to? DON'T SPOIL THEM IN THE COMMENTS, but if you need help with them, just mention the number below and we will give a hint (or eventually just mention it). 

  1. A contest to see who will waiver first.
  2. Someone that readily defers to the person that always puts them 'in their place'.
  3. Karma finally hits.
  4. Someone got away or got out of a situation.
  5. You might not be youthful enough for this.
  6. It's not a good idea to rely on your reward for something until you've received it.
  7. Acting crazy and frantically 'bouncing off the walls'.
  8. Hierarchy based on who tells who what to do.
  9. Philosophical question about evolution vs creationism.
  10. Ready to get out because you've been inside too long.
  11. It's a bad idea to rely on only one option.
  12. A very common joke genre about getting to the other side.
  13. The male to female ratio is off. 
  14. A group of people gossiping. 
  15. Guess what?!


I'm sure there are several sayings that we missed, but there are probably many we've never heard, too! We would LOVE to hear those (and their meanings) in the comments along with where you were when you heard it. 

Your thoughts?