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Peggy's Pizza: Part 37 of 2023

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 10/02/2023 - 13:26

I spent another week being non-weight bearing in the boot following surgery on September 12. I did get the stitches out on Thursday. I had high hopes of maybe downgrading to a surgical shoe. No such luck!

Because of the extensive repair of the tendon, requiring anchors, I will be in the boot for five more weeks.

This is really a bummer as I will spend the whole of my favorite month on crutches and in a boot. Boo!

So Matthew and Roy are helping out more in the kitchen. On Monday…

Roy & Matthew in the Kitchen: Southwest Chicken & Rice Foil Packs…the plan was to cook on the grill, but it conked out. So, thankfully the oven did the job!

On Tuesday, I did make Basil Salt with fresh basil and kosher salt. Pretty easy in the blender, then drying it out in the oven. The house smelled so good! (Thanks to a friend for the recipe!)

Friday was the first day of The Special Olympics Iowa Fall Classic…The State Golf Tournament was held at Willow Creek. Matthew & his Unified Partner Justin are bringing home gold! (A Unified Partner is someone without disabilities who is paired with a Special Olympics athlete.)

Since we were busy on Friday…

Friday Pieday (on Saturday): Caponata is a flavorful, Sicilian eggplant relish that pairs well with chicken on a pizza. Chicken Caponata Pizza…our pan crust topped with garlic olive oil, grated parmesan, fresh sliced mozzarella, chicken, fresh from the garden eggplant sautéed in garlic olive oil, roasted red bell pepper, capers, fresh ground salt, a sprinkle of chili flakes then garnished with fresh parsley from the garden. 

On Sunday we wished my hubby a Very Happy Birthday!

Sunday’s Creation: Pickled Blackberries & Bacon Detroit Style Pizza…we celebrated Roy’s birthday with his favorite crust topped with goat cheese, crumbled bacon, red pepper flakes, a drizzle of browned butter and pickled blackberries then garnished with fresh thyme and a drizzle of honey. (Thanks to a friend for sharing this idea!)

As always, if you have an idea for a pizza let me know!

Till next week,