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Peggy's Pizza: Part 32 of 2023

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 08/28/2023 - 13:44

WOW is all I can say about the heat this past week. We had two days of actual triple digits, plus several days of a 110+ heat index. At least we can enjoy our late summer blooms from inside! My Christmas poinsettia is loving the deck.

Just like staying inside in the winter, this heat kept us inside. A good time to complete a puzzle…1000 piece Diamond Quilt Puzzle. This is the 79th puzzle I’ve completed since March 2020.

We had some rain recently and combined with the heat, the tomatoes are continuing to produce. So I’ve been looking for new recipes to try.

Monday in the Kitchen with Matthew: I know some may say it’s too hot for soup, but when you have produce from the garden, you make tomato soup! We roasted tomatoes, a red pepper, garlic, white onion and basil then garnished with fresh grated Parmesan, cracked pepper, sour cream & basil. Served with a grilled cheese made with 12 grain bread, havarti, Gouda & cheddar.

Wednesday in the Kitchen with Matthew: What to do with leftover pizza toppings from Sunday? Pasta, of course…Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, red onion, chicken, baby spinach, fresh cracked pepper and fresh grated Romano.

Another pizza in the series of Styles & Variations of Pizza in Italy…

Friday Pieday: Pizza al Pesto Genovese (a variety of Italian pizza that is traditionally topped with creamy Genovese pesto)…a thin crispy crust topped with Genovese pesto, grated Parmesan, shredded mozzarella, tomatoes from the garden, fresh mozzarella, fresh cracked salt & pepper then garnished with a drizzle of olive oil.

Sunday’s Creation: A twist on the controversial Hawaiian pizza…A ham & mozzarella stuffed crust topped with green cherry tomato sauce, Parmesan, mozzarella, ham, pineapple, a jalapeño from a friend’s garden and more mozzarella.

Till next week!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson