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Pandemic Pizza: Part 44 of 2022

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 12/06/2022 - 14:23

This has been a transition week of using up the Thanksgiving leftovers and decorating for Christmas. There’s nothing that gets me in the mood more than the view from our kitchen and family room.

Our 90+ year old neighbor spends each fall on a cherry picker putting up the lights. The evergreens light up the night…

We did some decorating each day this week and with Matthew’s help we finished it up. So now we can relax and enjoy it. I will share a few pictures each week.

Matthew and I also made 100+ bags of Snowman Soup to share. He is going to give them to his snowshoeing teammates, his friends and staff at the Candeo Christmas party and other friends and neighbors.

Here is the ‘recipe’ if you would like to make some for yourself.

On Friday and Saturday Matthew attended the Special Olympics Global Messenger Leadership Conference…A Global Messenger is a community leader who communicates their story of hope, acceptance, dignity and courage. They help spread the mission and vision, as well as encourage the community to participate in Special Olympics as an athlete, sponsor or volunteer. A Global Messenger gives speeches to schools, corporate groups, community groups and assists with fundraisers and Opening Ceremonies.

We did manage to find some time in the kitchen…

Does anyone else cook the turkey carcass to get the last of the turkey off the bones and make broth? It takes some time, but it is so worth it.

Tuesday in the Kitchen: Turkey Vegetable Soup for dinner on a cold & snowy night.

Wednesday in the Kitchen with Matthew: Green Bean Casserole…love it or leave it? We happen to love it. So, Leftover Green Bean Casserole Potpie…with cheese and the last of the turkey mixed in then topped with puff pastry and garnished with cheddar & parsley.

Except for turkey broth in the freezer, this is the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thursday in the Kitchen with Matthew: Tater Tot Casserole…leftover green bean casserole with cheese and ground beef then topped with tater tots.

Friday Pieday: Brooklyn Style Pizza - is a very thin & crispy crust with the sauce all the way to the edge then topped with parmesan, mozzarella-provolone cheese blend, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, black olives and more mozzarella & Provolone cheese blend then cut in squares.

Sunday’s Creation: Pastrami & Sauerkraut Pizza (in the sandwich world known as a ‘Rachel’)…pan crust topped with Dijon mustard, Parmesan, Swiss cheese, layers of pastrami & sauerkraut, a provolone-mozzarella blend and garnished with a mini-dill pickle.

See you next week!

Peggy Palmer-Johnson