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Pandemic Pizza: Part 28 of 2022

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 07/12/2022 - 12:59

We had a busy week in the kitchen starting with our 4th of July celebration…

Monday in the Kitchen with Matthew: Firecracker Oven BBQ Chicken Legs, Pineapple Baked Beans, Red White & Blue Slaw and watermelon…

Wednesday in the Kitchen with Matthew: A long story short, when cleaning out the bottom basket of the freezer, we found frozen bits of this and that. We decided to make soup and Matthew named it…Garbage Soup…Italian sausage, Kielbasa, Okra, Onion, red bell pepper, Chipotle pepper, Peas, Collard greens + black beans, Diced tomatoes, Bloody Mary Mix & Garlic.

We are continuing to work our way through all of the variations of poutine. They may not be traditional, but they sure are tasty!

Thursday in the Kitchen with Matthew: Buffalo Chicken Poutine…ranch seasoned potato wedges, blue cheese, mozzarella, chicken, Chipotle hot sauce gravy and garnished with green onions.

I discovered a Texas style pizza that doesn’t include brisket. ‘Sauce’d’ in Grapevine, TX has created it’s own style of pizza. Their Texas style crust is a New York thin-style crust with sauce all the way to the edge of the dough, which is then folded over the sauce and brushed with garlic butter.

Friday Pieday: A copycat ‘Sauce’d’ Texas Style Pizza…a New York Style Crust with the edges stuffed with red sauce and brushed with garlic butter sauce then topped with a red sauce, salami, mushrooms, garnished with a fresh basil chiffonade and swirls of hot honey.

When we cleaned out Matthew’s refrigerator, we discovered at least a dozen different sauces and dips. (He might have a condiment addiction, lol!) So, some of them may end up on a pizza.

Case in point…

Sunday’s Creation: BBQ Chicken, Bacon & Blue Cheese Pizza…my thin crust topped with BBQ sauce, Parmesan, shredded chicken, crumbled bacon, fresh jalapeños from the garden, red onion, blue cheese and mozzarella.

Till next week!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson