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Pandemic Pizza: Part 6 of 2022

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 02/07/2022 - 13:51

This series is called Peggy’s Pandemic Pizza…and we have been living the pandemic in real time this past week. Roy and I both tested positive and I am having moderate symptoms. Thankfully, Matthew has tested negative twice and is in isolation in his own home, thus no In the Kitchen with Matthew this week.

Pieday Friday: was postponed…

I asked my daughter Bethany (who lives in Monmouth, Wales UK) to pinch hit for Sunday’s Creation this week. I’ve also invited her to be a Pandemic Pizza guest blogger (on her own blog, Lol):

Since mom was struck by the actual pandemic (but doing okay, thankfully!) it was my turn to make some pandemic pizza. I've made Detroit pizza a couple of times so I decided to go for that again. I don't have the fancy pan like mom does but the dark metal one I do have works just fine. I also use jarred sauce instead of making my own, and use whatever cheese I have on hand (usually cheddar) so even though I don't follow the recipe exactly it's still pretty delicious. The important part is the crust and waiting at least 24 hours so it gets nice and fluffy! My husband says it is the best homemade pizza he's ever had! (Even if he did also say he'd rather order out... 😂🤣)

Thanks to Vaccines & Paxlovid (oral monoclonal antibodies), CoVid won’t keep me down for long. I hope to be moving a little faster next week. And, I hope Matthew will be able to join me in the kitchen again. Now back to bed for a nap.

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson