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Pandemic Pizza: Part 5 of 2022

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 01/31/2022 - 15:16

This has been a crazy week!

With Matthew & I receiving immune globulin replacement and Roy having received Rituximab for an autoimmune disease, we’ve lived in a very tight bubble for 22 months. We are masked, vaxed, boosted, washed, sanitized and isolated….Yet somehow the Omicron variant burst our bubble. Roy tested positive on Thursday with mild symptoms and is in quarantine. Matthew & I tested negative on Friday and will be retested Tuesday.

Matthew and I did manage to get one day in the kitchen before he was sent home to isolate.

Wednesday In the Kitchen with Matthew: It’s hard to believe Matthew graduated from high school 20 years ago. He was recently cleaning out a bookshelf and found his Foods 1 & 2 Notebook. We had forgotten about the Bacon Cheeseburger Soup recipe. Perfect for a cold winter night… (tip: 2 cups frozen shredded potatoes equals 2 potatoes)

On Thursday I made the dough for a Quad Cities Pizza. The quad cities are Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline, East Moline & Rock Island, Illinois. (Ok there are five, not four! Huh!?!) The cities come together along the Mississippi River where it flows from east to west as it passes through the heart of the area.

Around 1955 the Maniscalco family, Italian immigrants, relocated from Calumet City, Illinois. Where they opened their restaurant, Tony's Club Capri, was the only sit down restaurant and bar in the area. This is where they came up with this unique pizza crust. You can learn more about it here. 

Friday Pieday: Quad Cities (Iowa) Style Pizza…this thin crust pizza dough is made with bread flour, malt syrup, pepper, oregano & sweet paprika. It has a cold ferment of 24-48 hours. It is topped with a tomato sauce with crushed red pepper, sausage with fennel, lots of mozzarella, topped with cupping pepperoni then baked on a pizza stone. It is traditionally cut with scissors in 1 1/2” wide strips.

Have you ever been shopping at Ikea? Have you had their legendary Swedish Meatballs with a side of Lingonberry Jam? But, did you know that Swedish Meatballs originated in Turkey? The Lingonberry Jam, though, is a Swedish touch.

Ikea provided the inspiration for…

Sundays Creation: Swedish Meatball Pizza…my pan crust topped with sauce, Jarlsburg cheese, Parmesan, Swedish Meatballs, red onion, mozzarella and garnished with Lingonberry Jam.

Till next week!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson