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Pandemic Pizza: Part 48

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 12/13/2021 - 13:45

If you haven’t guessed by now, I would say making pizza has become an official hobby. Not just making pizza, but time spent researching pizza and creating ideas of what to put on pizza. I even dream about pizza!

Since starting this pandemic pizza journey I’ve had questions from some friends about making a gluten free crust. So, this week we experimented. (I say we because Matthew has become my ‘dough man’.)

We followed my pan crust recipe, but substituted Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour. It didn’t rise like it does with flour. And, it was a bit crumbly, but it held together. I used a pizza roller to make a thin crust. (I usually stretch the dough with my hands.) So here it is…

Tuesday Bonus Pizza Night: Supreme Pizza…a gluten-free crust topped with pizza sauce, Parmesan, Genoa Salami, hard salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, pepperoncini, mushrooms red onion and mozzarella.

The toppings were delicious. But to be honest, if I have a choice between gluten free crust and my pan crust…well I bet you can guess which one it would be. For that matter, the choice between my crust and any other pizza would be an easy one to make.

Changing the subject, when our next-door neighbors moved, they cleaned out their pantry. Amongst several of the items they gave us was a jar of quinoa. Despite the health benefits, I have never been a fan.

But I live by the motto ’waste not, want not’. The only way I had ever eaten quinoa was in a salad. So, I did some research on other ways to use it. When I found this recipe, I knew it would be a hit, as we love breakfast. Of course, anything with Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Sausage and cheddar cheese has to be good. Lol.

Thursday Doughday: Quinoa, Tomato & Spinach Breakfast Casserole with biscuits & homemade apple butter.

I must say, it was delicious!

This week’s fruit pizza topping may surprise you. Pistachios! I bet you thought it was a nut. And it is sold in the nut section of the grocery store rather than with the fruit. Technically, it is a “drupe,” a fleshy tree fruit that contains a shell-covered seed. A little agronomy lesson, which actually is my husband’s field, a real nut is a seed encased in a hard, woody shell.

Friday (Fruit) Pieday: Pistachio & Mortadella Pizza…My pan crust topped with ricotta, Parmesan, mortadella, pistachios (yes, a fruit!) with Romano cheese, garlic & olive oil, mozzarella and garnished with fresh ground black pepper.

Due to an upcoming medical procedure, I will be on a liquid diet on Sunday. So, we made Sunday’s pizza on Saturday.

On Friday I roasted a whole head of garlic for this pizza. The house smelled so good, but we happen to love garlic. I did choose to not put it in the fridge overnight, as I didn’t want everything in the fridge and freezer to smell and taste like garlic. So, I wrapped it up and put it on a table in the garage overnight. A few years ago, my nephew dubbed it the ‘garagerator’. It works well when it is cold outside.

Sunday’s (on Saturday) Creation: Garlic Mashed Potato & Bacon Pizza…my pan crust topped with garlic butter sauce, Cheddar, Parmesan. mashed potatoes with sour cream & fresh roasted garlic, crumbled bacon, mozzarella cheese & cheddar cheese and garnished with chives.

Till next week…

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson