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Pandemic Pizza: Part 13

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 04/12/2021 - 14:14

Although my Southern roots run deep, I was born and raised in the Midwest. One of the things I love about the Midwest is our very distinct seasons and right now it happens to be spring. After a cold, dark winter the earth starts to awaken. In late February I begin to brush away the snow and the leaves to see if my crocuses are peeking through.

Each morning I look for the grass to be a bit greener. I watch for the daffodils and the hyacinths to share their beautiful color.

I think it is no coincidence that springtime and Easter coincide. The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the earth. A rebirth!

And something else comes alive in the vegetable garden...asparagus! This is why it is always one of our favorites for Easter dinner. If you read last week’s blog post then you know we broke with that tradition this year. So, I decided to make up for it this week. And it is a good thing I did because the asparagus popped up this week. Unfortunately, my hubby picked the first harvest before I thought to take a pic. But here is the asparagus bed.

In case you didn’t know, put your asparagus in water and then in the fridge. Just like fresh flowers and spring onions, they will stay fresh longer.

Remembering that Easter is a season, not just a day, we are celebrating this week with some of our family favorites for Easter dinner. Those being ham, deviled eggs and asparagus. So how can I make a pizza out of those ingredients? I started with hard boiling a half dozen eggs. (And here’s the answer to the question as to why we only had deviled eggs on Easter! Peeling all those eggs is labor intensive!)

Next, I made the egg yolk filling to use as the ‘sauce’ for the pizza. (Previously I suggested you think outside the ‘can or jar’ when creating a pizza sauce.) I then topped the egg yolks with Monterrey Jack cheese, chopped up egg whites, diced ham, red pepper, asparagus and mozzarella.

I think they liked it as there were no leftovers.

Thursday Doughday: We made Garlic Knots and Shrimp Scampi.

Next week’s creation will be what has become a tradition in for breakfast! Any guesses?

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson