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Pandemic Pizza: Part 10 - Pretzel Pizza Crust!

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 14:09

Pretzels and pizza are a combo I never thought about until recently. I am not a huge fan of pretzels, unless it is warm pretzel nuggets and cheese sauce from the mall favorite Auntie Anne’s.

And I will confess, Little Caesar’s Pizza has never been on my radar for takeout. But this year the ad that their Pretzel Crust Pizza was back for limited time caught my attention. It debuted in 2014, who knew!

Being on this pandemic pizza journey I decided to do some market research. So, we ordered Pepperoni Pretzel Crust pizza for dinner a couple of weeks ago. There is a choice of cheese sauce or tomato sauce. Of course, we had to try both.

My guys all liked it, but I was thinking my homemade crust would probably be better. I did some research and decided with a few minor adjustments to my Pan Pizza Crust Recipe I could do this.

I have never tried to make pretzels because I thought the process would be too hard. But really all you do is give the dough a quick dunk in a warm water and baking soda bath to give it that pretzel flavor. And of course, you can’t forget the salt.

I decided to make a thin crust. And of course, I needed to make two pizzas. One pizza with tomato sauce and one with cheese sauce.

My guys said my pretzel crust pizza was the best. (They may have just said that so I keep making them pizza every Sunday. Lol) As for me, I will pass on pretzel crust in the future.

Thursday Doughday: Growing up one of my favorite comfort foods was, and still is, tomato soup and grilled cheese. This week we made Stuffed Cheesy Bread with my Grown-Up Tomato Soup. I honestly never gave a thought as to how the two became a pair. So, of course I Googled it. (Don’t know how I ever got along without Google.) The combination of bread and cheese has been around forever. But the modern grilled cheese can be traced back to the 1920’s.

As for tomato soup, it was first mentioned in a cookbook in 1857. But it took Joseph A. Campbell's recipe for condensed tomato soup in 1897 to garner the public’s attention. After WWII school cafeterias were charged with making lunches more balanced. Tomato soup was an economical way to round out a meal and provide some Vitamin C. The marriage of tomato soup and grilled cheese is now history

So back to Doughday, here is our take on this classic duo.

Notice my Tomato Soup cups and plates, I found these several years ago at an antiques & collectibles shop. The nostalgia factor required that I add them to my extensive collection of dinnerware.

In case you haven’t noticed, I also should bring your attention to my ceramic pizza plates. (And cue an eye roll from my loving daughter.)

I also have melamine pizza plates for when we entertain young pizza lovers.

Next week’s pizza was suggested by my daughter...hum, what will it be!?!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson