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Pandemic Pizza: Part 1

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 10:00

Now that you have heard all about how my mother fell in love with is time to start sharing her creations! 

Since this new pizza creation obsessions started during the lockdown associated with the coronavirus pandemic, I have dubbed them "pandemic pizza." It's a fun, bright spot in the midst of what has been a pretty difficult time for the world. 

So in this post let’s catch up with a photo and a description of all of her Sunday Pizza Creations thus far:

October 4, 2020: Hawaiian Pan Pizza topped with Pizza Sauce, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, jalapeno bacon and shredded mozzarella. This pizza was inspired by the last of the jalapenos from the garden and I had a package of jalapeno bacon in the freezer. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic as I wasn’t thinking about blogging at that time.

October 11, 2020: Reuben Pan Pizza topped with Thousand Island Dressing, Swiss cheese, diced corned beef, drained Bavarian Sweet kraut and shredded mozzarella. The pizza was inspired by the fact that a Reuben is my favorite sandwich. And, sauerkraut just says fall.

October 18, 2020: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pan Pizza topped with ranch dressing, shredded mozzarella, parmesan, shredded chicken, green onions, crumbled bacon and shredded mozzarella. This pizza was inspired by a package of chicken breasts in the freezer that needed to be used up.

October 25, 2020: Crab Rangoon Pan Pizza topped with a mixture of-2 cans drained white crabmeat, 8 ounces cream cheese, 1 ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 clove garlic, ¼ cup thinly sliced green onions spread on crust, then top with asiago & mozzarella cheese, garnish with wonton strips, thinly sliced green onions & ½ cup sweet chili sauce. This pizza was inspired by the Crab Rangoon Pizza at Fong’s Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa. Fong’s is a fusion of Chinese food and pizza. It was opened in 2009 in what was originally one of the oldest continuously operating Chinese restaurants in the United States. 

November 1, 2029: Apple & Chicken Apple Sausage Pan Pizza topped with Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing, shredded Gouda cheese, chicken apple sausage, diced apples, red onion and shredded mozzarella cheese. This pizza was inspired by a bottle of Sweet Vidalia Onion salad dressings sitting on my pantry shelf.

November 8, 2020: Mango & Pancetta Pan Pizza topped with Chili Lime Ginger Sauce, shredded mango habanero Gouda cheese, pancetta, mango, red onion and garnished with arugula. This pizza was inspired by a round of Mango Habanero Gouda cheese that came in a cheese box from Cheese Brothers in Wisconsin.

November 15, 2020: Spinach Artichoke Chicken & Bacon Pan Pizza topped with spinach artichoke cream cheese thinned with garlic sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh spinach, chicken breast, bacon, canned artichokes, pimiento and shredded mozzarella cheese. This pizza was inspired by half of a package of fresh baby spinach lefover from another meal. (My Mom always said ‘waste not, want not.)

November 22, 2020: Fig, Brie, Prosciutto, Walnut & Pear Pan Pizza topped with fig preserves, brie, prosciutto, dried figs, pears, walnuts and shredded mozzarella…sweet, salty, crunchy! This pizza was inspired by a jar of fig jam on my pantry shelf and fresh pears in my refrigerator.

November 29, 2020: Thanksgiving Leftovers Pan Pizza topped with Turkey gravy, Brie, stuffing, turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, red onion & mozzarella. A delicious way to use up leftovers.

December 6, 2020: Apple & Pancetta Pan Pizza topped with apple butter, blue cheese, thyme, apples, walnuts, red onion & pancetta. This pizza was inspired by my last jar of apple butter in the freezer that I made a year ago from my friends Keith & Linda’s apples. And I had some pancetta leftover from two weeks ago.

December 13, 2020: Buffalo Chicken Pan Pizza topped with ranch dressing, blue cheese, buffalo wings, celery & hot sauce. Buffalo Chicken Wings are traditionally served with blue cheese dressing and celery. So, why not serve it on a pizza crust!

December 20, 2020: Genoa Salami & Italian Green Olives Thin Crust Pizza I used the same pizza dough recipe that I use for pan pizza. The only difference is I didn’t let the dough rise. I divided the dough in fourths and rolled it thin for individual pizzas.

December 27, 2020: Christmas Leftovers Pan Pizza topped with red-eye gravy, sharp cheddar, ham, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, pineapple, red onion & mozzarella. Again, a great way to use up leftovers!

January 3, 2021: Chicken, Bacon & Olive Garden Salad Pizza topped with Olive Garden Salad Dressing, diced chicken, crumbled bacon, black olives, pepperoncini, red onion, tomatoes & parmesan cheese…garnished with shredded lettuce, croutons & a drizzle of Olive Garden Dressing. This pizza was inspired by taco pizza that is topped with shredded lettuce & Dorito chips.

January 9, 2021: Mini Deep Dish Pizzas topped with provolone cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, onions, green pepper, Italian sausage, mini-pepperoni & pizza sauce layered on top. This pizza was requested by my son Matthew to celebrate his roommate’s birthday. It was easy to send them take & bake pizzas.

January 17, 2021: Dates, Bacon & Jalapeño Pan Pizza topped with balsamic glaze, blue cheese, prosciutto, bacon, jalapeños, dates & mozzarella. This pizza was inspired by our visit to Shield’s Date Garden. Our appetizer was Stuffed Dates…blue cheese, prosciutto, jalapeño stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates drizzled with a balsamic glaze. in Palm Springs, California in January 2019.

I will share different styles of pizza recipes in next week’s blog post!

~Peggy Palmer-Johnson