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2020 Vision: Week 30

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 10:00

I am so ready to move to Wales, but I am trying to make myself enjoy and take advantage of these last few weeks of living in London. It's tough as we also want to be safe in the midst of the pandemic and there are often too many people around now for us to be really comfortable outside of our flat. 

1. Walk 20 minutes a day
We are still getting out and moving every day - we seem to have found a pattern of alternating biking and walking days. 

2. Win a Healthy Wage

3. Do yoga 3x a week for 20 minutes a time 
Gonna have my yoga spot in Wales soon!

4. Do a 20km walk

5. Run 2 miles in under 20 minutes

6. Read/re-read 20 classic novels

7. Read 20 different theologians 

8. Read 20 psychology books
I read two more personal finance books - one that specifically focuses on the psychology of money, and one that might be a bit of stretch for this category but I think it counts. 

9. Meditate for 20 minutes a week
Forgot it again. I like to tie this with my yoga practice so I think it will become consistent when I can do that consistently again.  

10. Visit 20 churches

11. Make the perfect steak at home 

12. Sew pockets into my thrift store dresses

13. Work on learning a foreign language 20 minutes a week
I thought about listening to a French podcast this week...does that count? (No) 

14. Try 20 new to me foods

15. For 20 consecutive days eat 20g of carbs or less

16. Practice 20 dishes for Come Dine with Me

17. Every single day set aside $20 towards savings and/or debt repayment

18. Spend 20 minutes a day (or 140 minutes/week) writing towards something to publish 
Looking forward to tackling and catching up on this one when I have my home office all set up! 

19. Go on 20 free excursions
We have one of these booked! The Natural History Museum opens next week and I was able to score tickets. It's still free to get in, they are just ticketing so they can assure appropriate numbers for social distancing. I'm looking forward to it! 

20. Play 20 sessions of board games