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2020 Vision: Week 22

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 10:00

This week was better! I am feeling more energized and motivated, I hope this keeps up. 

1. Walk 20 minutes a day
To be honest we are crushing this goal. Some days we are walking as much as two hours! It helps that there isn't much else to do around here right now... 

2. Win a Healthy Wage
I saw 221 on the scale this week - down another 2 pounds! I've got one month left to win this healthy wage and I think it's gonna happen! This coming week is the week to officially break out of the 220's. The goal is 210 by June 30th and it is totally doable! 

3. Do yoga 3x a week for 20 minutes a time 
After figuring out a way to do yoga here I've done it now exactly one time, haha. But I know exactly where I'm going to practice yoga in our new house come September. That's something, right?  

4. Do a 20km walk

5. Run 2 miles in under 20 minutes

6. Read/re-read 20 classic novels

7. Read 20 different theologians 

8. Read 20 psychology books

9. Meditate for 20 minutes a week
I don't know why I don't just get this one done.

10. Visit 20 churches

11. Make the perfect steak at home 

12. Sew pockets into my thrift store dresses

13. Work on learning a foreign language 20 minutes a week

14. Try 20 new to me foods

15. For 20 consecutive days eat 20g of carbs or less

16. Practice 20 dishes for Come Dine with Me

17. Every single day set aside $20 towards savings and/or debt repayment

18. Spend 20 minutes a day (or 140 minutes/week) writing towards something to publish 

19. Go on 20 free excursions

20. Play 20 sessions of board games