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2020 Vision: Week 8

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 02/23/2020 - 10:00

Here's the scoop on how I'm doing on my list this week!

We came back to the States this week so life is pretty chaotic at the moment and my progress reflects that this week! 

1. Walk 20 minutes a day
I've still managed to stick to this one, yay! 

2. Win a Healthy Wage
I don't have my scale with me (and won't for my duration of our time in the USA) so it's gonna be a while till I can check in on this one. But that's okay! I'm gonna stick to walking, and intermittent fasting, and I went on a bike ride today! 

3. Do yoga 3x a week for 20 minutes a time 
0/3 I'm just gonna have to keep track of how much I am behind. I cannot wait until I have my own space and can have a dedicated place to practice yoga every week! 

4. Do a 20km walk

5. Run 2 miles in under 20 minutes

6. Read/re-read 20 classic novels

7. Read 20 different theologians 

8. Read 20 psychology books

This is kind of for all of the above - I am really struggling with reading right now! Every time I have the time I find my brain is running 1000 miles a minute on other things and I just cannot focus enough to read a book. Hopefully, when things calm down I'll get back to reading voraciously and be able to catch up on my goals. 

9. Meditate for 20 minutes a week
Check! This one is easy enough to keep up on no matter where I am in the world, and will hopefully help keep me at least a little bit sane. 

10. Visit 20 churches

11. Make the perfect steak at home 

12. Sew pockets into my thrift store dresses

13. Work on learning a foreign language 20 minutes a week
I caught up from last week! I listened to two French language podcasts - one about a surfer who lost his leg to a shark then created a new type of prosthetic so he could keep surfing, and one about a musician. 

14. Try 20 new to me foods

15. For 20 consecutive days eat 20g of carbs or less

16. Practice 20 dishes for Come Dine with Me

17. Every single day set aside $20 towards savings and/or debt repayment

18. Spend 20 minutes a day (or 140 minutes/week) writing towards something to publish
Uh, yeah. Still keeping track. I've got all year to catch up. As soon as I have a real office with real desk... so, like, some time in September, lol.

19. Go on 20 free excursions

20. Play 20 sessions of board games