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One of My Favorite Things: Blogs & Instagram Accounts

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 01/24/2020 - 00:00

There was a time way back in 2007-2011 or so that I read a lot of blogs, religiously. There were about a dozen or so that I read every single week, some every single day if they posted that often. Keep in mind, during this time period I was in graduate school full-time till 2010 (so I read blogs as procrastination on actual books I should have been reading), then I worked as a hospital chaplain and had 36 hour on-call shifts which meant a lot of time to fill, and then when I started working at a church full-time in 2011 my blog reading tapered off. 

I also tried my hand at my own blog and wrote a post every single day for the entire year of 2010 which is a real blast from the past now that it is somehow an entire decade later. Where did the time go? 

These days I don't read nearly as many blogs as I used to, but I still have some old favorites that never let me down. I thought I would share them with you just in case you are looking for something else to read!

Iowa Girl Eats - This Iowa gal creates and shares simple recipes that are as delicious as they are easy to make. She was diagnosed with Celiac disease after her first pregnancy so for the last five or so years (maybe longer now) every single recipe she posts has also been gluten-free. If you need those recipes, this is a treasure trove of them. But even if you don't, I can swear by every recipe of hers I've made - they are great! 

Smitten Kitchen - This New York City based food blogger shares recipes that are more intricate and more adventurous than the one above, and sometimes things she posts are just aspirational for me. But when I do get up the courage to try something of hers it is always amazing. And even if I'll never make a lot of the things she posts, they sure are still fun to admire.

Young House Love - This blog is the one I have followed the longest and the most loyally. They used to post every single day (M-F) and when they stopped doing that in 2012 it felt like there was a hole in my day. Now they post a few times a week and it's all about decor, DIY, and lately, fixing up older homes. If you want tutorials on anything from tiling to hemming curtains this is a great resource!

After I started this post I realized...hey I really don't read as many blogs as I used to, so this post is going to be really short. Then I figured I should share my favorite Instagram accounts, too! Also, the above blogs are worth checking out on IG, too, I just like their content on their blog the best. 

The Tiny Chef Show - This is the absolute best account I follow on IG, hands down. It is a tiny green chef who makes vegan food, sings, and speaks in a barely intelligble form of English. He is adorable and fun and you are missing out if you don't follow this one. 

Kristen Bell - Kristen Bell is the one who told me about the Tiny Chef Show, and for that I will be eternally grateful. She is also one of the only celebrities I follow - I love the behind the scenes things she shares about show business, and she is quite an activist for good causes!

How Not To Travel Like A Basic B*tch - Don't let the profanity in the name deter you from this one. This account is run by Dr. Kiona (a PhD not a med doctor) and she shares a wealth of information about how to travel well - respecting the earth, native people, etc. I have learned so much from following her for just a short time. I cannot recommend this one enough. 

Serene and Co - This design account is run by a friend from high school but even if I didn't know her personally I'd still recommend her page! Here style is bold, colorful, and incredibly inspirational. 

Insta Repeat - This account just cracks me up. The creator scours instagram and finds bloggers/photographers/etc who are all creating and recreating basically the same image. Then they round it up into a collage and call them all out. Some people have a sense of humor about it, some don't. I find it highly amusing. (I don't think there is any ill-intent involved, more just a reminder that no one is ever truly original!)

Destination Chaser - I started following a lot of travel accounts when we started this journey and as we wind down I'm unfollowing a lot that I dont really love. This one is staying. The creator is a young woman (mid-twenties) who was born in Venezuela and now lives in Austria. She travels the world, takes you on the journey, and shares a lot of good information along the way. 

Enneagram and Coffee - If you like the Enneagram or even just want to get started figuring out your number, this is a great account to follow! It's fun, funny, and always on point when it comes to the numbers. 

So there you have it, some of my favorite blogs and Instagram accounts to check out. Happy following!

XOXO, Bethany