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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 45

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 11/17/2019 - 10:00

Reading: 63/52 (+2 for the week) I've been feeling under the weather this week and binge reading mystery novels has helped me feel better. 

Language: 23270 XP (+0)  

Weight Loss:

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 222
Weekly Change: -1.0 (since last recording)
Total Change: -44
First Goal Weight: 180 
Pounds to lose until goal: 42

Sometimes it feels like this is the number I'm destined to be stuck at forever... but I remember when I felt that way about 230 and I finally broke through that one, so this will happen eventually! We are traveling this week which always makes things more difficult to keep on track but hopefully it won't be too bad. I am very excited to get out of the heat of Australia and back into the proper seasons in Wales!