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Caversham Wildlife Park: Part 2

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 10:00

Yesterday, I shared about how awesome the Caversham Wildlife Park is and about all the fun animals and demonstrations we got to see there. Today, I'm going to spam you with photos of me and Joel with cute animals! You've been warned. 

The first animals we got to take our picture with was Neil the Wombat. We were allowed to pet him at this time, too, as long as we used the back of our hand and only touched his bottom legs. There was a display sign that shared the stories of all the Wombats at Caversham, all of them were orphaned in the wild so coming here was the only way they would have survived. Neil was born in 2007 and orphaned when his mum was hit by a car while he was still living in her pouch! He was rescued by a passer-by, taken care of by a wildlife expert, then sent to Caversham in 2009 to live out his days in contentment. 

After spending time with Neil we met some of his other friends, including this adorable Possum! Yes, I just used the word adorable to describe a possum - they are quite different here in Australia than the rather terrifying creatures we have in North America. This furry little creature is named Luna. I also got to pet her and she was so soft! It was like petting an extra fluffy cat. 

Next up is just one (of many) photos we took with Lochie our Koala. I wanted to hug him and squeeze him so much but, just like the wombat, we were instructed to touch only with the back of our hand and only on his back. There is another wildlife park here in Perth where they will actually let you hold the Koalas, but I think that is actually not great for the animals, and also it was far more expensive. At Caversham, it is clear they care for all of their animals very well. 

After the farm show, we walked through an enclosure where a variety of animals were wandering free. The turkeys seemed to sense we were Americans and Thanksgiving is coming as they ran away from us. The goats were much more curious and let us get close! This teeny-tiny baby goat was so stinking adorable my heart just melted into a puddle. 

While I was petting the baby goat a big boy goat tried to start eating my shirt. That was a real danger in this place! They also tried to get my hat several times. 

This next animal is called a "quokka." They are known for being extra adorable and often look like they are smiling. The place to go to see quokkas is Rottnest Island which is very close to where we are. Apparently celebrities go there a lot to take selfies with the quokkas (just google "famous quokka selfie" and you'll find some gems.) However, the cost to go to Rottnest Island is close to $90 Australian ($60 US) and unfortunately, that just isn't in our budget. So here is our best quokka selfie although you can barely see the little guy and we never saw him smiling. Alas. 

When we finally got around to seeing the kangaroos for real it was early afternoon and they were not nearly as active as they had been on our walkthrough that morning. Most of them were lounging in the shade and it was clear that for the most no one was hungry anymore as they had already been well-fed by other visitors. We had to walk all the way to the back of the enclosure to find one who was interested in what we had to offer!

The park provided kangaroo food free of charge so all we had to do was take a handful and find one who was still hungry. This little guy came right up to us and started eating out of our hands. He was very gentle and even let us pet him while he ate. He was soft and fuzzy, not unlike the possum earlier. I still can't believe I got to feed and pet a kangaroo! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Getting up close and personal with so many of Australia's incredible creatures was awesome and I am so grateful to Caversham Wildlife Park for providing such a good experience. I will highly recommend them to anyone ever traveling to Perth! Which animal is your favorite? Are there any that you are just dying to see/pet/feed in person?

XOXO, Bethany