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Our Australian Animals Take Two

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 10:00

I shared on the blog a few weeks ago about how we accidentally found our next housesit while we were out thrift shopping. Fast forward a few weeks (time sure is flying) and now we are actually at our new housesit! Well, sort of. We are in a bit of an awkward in-between stage as we are at our new housesit but we aren't technically housesitting yet as the homeowner is still here. So I guess we are just house guests for a while?

The one downside of our new placement is that our host does not have wi-fi at her house. I know, it's 2019. If we had found this housesit through our normal channels we would have asked about wi-fi in our initial email and if we had been told there wasn't any we would have immediately moved on to other options. However, we were already half-committed when we found this out and felt like A. we couldn't really back out easily and B. surely we could find a way to make it work. 

Y'all it's hard. I love the internet. It keeps me connected to my family, my friends, and random bloggers I've followed for years. It's how we work on the blog and communicate with my new job that will start next year. It's how we get our news (me through podcasts and Joel through YouTube) and how we entertain ourselves in the evenings (thanks, Netflix!) We have data but we have to pay per gig and since we are on a limited budget we are trying to use at little as possible. So, I am currently writing this post at the public library! Solution! 

I personally love libraries and it's nice to have a reason to come to one. Our new plan is to come here every weekday so that we can use the free wi-fi, get out of the house, and have a nice walk (it's about 3km one way, so we'll do 6km daily). We are sitting on the second floor facing out some floor-to-ceiling windows with a rather nice view of a park and some tennis courts. I'll take it. Plus sitting at a desk every day will hopefully motivate me to be a bit more productive on some of my 2019 goals - specifically writing and publishing an E-book. There are less than 90 days left in 2019 so it's time to get going! 

The pets at our new housesit are relatively easy to take care of - especially right now since it's still mostly the homeowner's job while she is here. We are helping out with walks a couple of times a week but we don't have to take over everything until she leaves next month. So right now we get all the fun of having dogs without hardly any of the work!  The pets are two dogs - a poodle named Molly and a beagle named Toffee. 

Toffee is a very handsome dog and he is also very smart. He knows how to open doors that have a lever handle (as opposed to a turn knob) and he can even open the fridge if the child lock is not engaged. We have to be very careful when we prepare food and eat because if he is around and we leave anything even remotely accessible he will go for it. He's pretty short so he can't get everything on the counter but if anything is near the edge he will. 

When we take him on walks he loves to sniff around and is very curious. He also is capable of wiggling out of his harness when he wants to! Steph warned us he could do this but he proved it yesterday on our walk. Joel and I were just discussing whether it was time to turn back and head home (it was about to rain) when Toffee took advantage of our distraction, wiggled out of his harness and went for a jaunt around the park! Luckily we caught him before he got too far or hurt himself but it was a tense few minutes. Despite his mischievousness, he is very sweet and it will be fun to have him keep us on our toes.

Molly is also very sweet and I think she is the best cuddler out of all the pets we have cared for in the last year! We have had some cats that like to snuggle and Smokey (our Bulgarian dog) always liked to be near us, but Molly is the first one that will sit right on my lap for hours on end. She does not leave until I have to put her down so I can go to bed for the evening. I absolutely love this about her.

Both pups like to hang out with us in the evening if their owner is not around (she works nights) but it's clear they still love her the best as they will hop down and leave us immediately if she is around. I think we will enjoy caring for them very much! 

In a few weeks, we are off to Bali for our official visa trip out of Australia. Our visa allows us to be here for 1 year with the catch that we must leave the country every 90 days. So, on November 4-8 we are taking a trip to Bali! I will share more about that when the time comes but I am very much looking forward to it. A few days after we return Steph will leave for Poland and we will officially transition from being houseguests back to being housesitters. In the meantime, we'll enjoy the slight break from responsibility and you'll often find us at the library! 

XOXO, Bethany