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My Mug Collection

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 10:00

I've always loved fun mugs, but before we traveled I didn't really use them all that often. I only drank tea when I was sick, would have faux cappuccino stuff sometimes in the winter, and in the summer I wouldn't touch a hot drink with a ten-foot pole. After traveling the world and living in places where a daily cup (or twenty) of tea is practically a requirement to live there (I'm looking at you, UK!) I have changed my tune on hot drinks. I rarely go a day without a cup of tea now (with milk and sugar, please) and the best part is I am now justified in building my mug collection! My goal is to have a unique, eclectic collection gathered mostly from thrifting. I will update this post with new additions as they come along!

1. Several years ago my beautiful, creative friend Sarah did a fundraiser with her youth group where they decorated mugs then sold them to their congregation. As soon as I saw this mug in a Facebook post I knew I had to have it. The "y'all" is a fun reminder of my times living in the south and well, everybody does need Jesus! 

2. This mug was a random Aldi find (does anyone else love the center aisle at Aldi as much as I do?) I actually say this cheesy line kind of a lot so it was perfect for me. 

3. I had seen this mug (and others like it) floating around as a laugh online for years, so it was a fun surprise when my mom saw it, tracked it down, and actually bought me one! I can't wait to use this one in a church office again. 

4. When we lived in Wales last fall we often walked the trail between our housesit and the local church. One day I spotted this mug abandoned and hidden in the bushes nearby. We thought it was strange but we let it be in case someone came to claim it. After several days of leaving it alone, we decided to take it in and give it a home! The B stands for Bethany (obvs) so I'm pretty sure it was meant to be mine. This mug went with me all over the UK, then to France, then back to the States where it currently resides.

5. I went thrift shopping back in the States this summer (looking for a dress for my cousin's wedding, I had zero intentions of buying a mug) but when I came across this one I had to have it for obvious reasons. My only regret? Not bringing it with me! It is tucked away safely at my parents but I totally should have brought it around the world with me. After all, almost every day is blogging day right now. 

6. I ended up regretting leaving my B mug and blogging mug at home, so here in Australia I intentionally set out to thrift a new mug. Little did I know I would find the perfect Halloween mug! I also love that it's oversized, and I totally plan to drink out of it year-round. 

7. This next mug I also thrifted in Australia. When I was looking for one for myself and found this one in the process, I could not resist getting it for Joel! He's not really grumpy that often, so we reserve this mug for use when he is grumpy or when he is sick. It cracks us up every time! 

8. We also splurged on one retail priced mug in Australia. We found this in the gift shop at Caversham Wildlife Park and just had to have it because look how cute it is! We justified it by calling it an early birthday present for Joel and it will always be his mug to use. 

9. To explain this mug, I have to introduce you to my favorite account on Instagram: The Tiny Chef Show. I started following this little green guy in March 2019 when Kristen Bell featured him in her IG stories. He is a tiny chef, who speaks a sort of mostly unintelligible English, cooks vegan food, and sings songs. I have looked through every single post on Instagram and it brings me a ridiculous amount of joy. So when the tiny chef started featuring merchandise, and one item was this incredible Christmas mug, Joel declared that we should purchase it. After all, the mug would bring me great joy, and the creator of the Tiny Chef really deserves to get some money from us as I enjoy their content all the time, for free. I also love that this mug is oversized and gives me a little extra Christmas spirit this year as we don't have any decorations to do!


That's all for now, folks!

XOXO, Bethany




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