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Home Sweet Bulgaria

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 10:00

In our housesitting journey so far, we have stayed in a variety of homes. - a cute two-bedroom apartment (with a pool!) in Cyprus, an old German farmhouse with war history, semi-detached homes in Wales and England, a converted Sunday School building in England, and an old house in the French countryside. We have been very lucky in that all of the places we've stayed have had their own charms, and all of the animals we've cared for have been wonderful. But our current Bulgarian home is perhaps my favorite of all them both when it comes to the home and the pet!

When we first spotted this housesit on the website we use to book sits the pictures of the apartment looked fantastic - the place looked clean, modern, open-plan, and light-filled.  In person, the apartment is just as beautiful as the pictures showed, if not even more so. The living room/kitchen/dining area is all one big space with huge windows that afford an amazing view of the city below. The massive gray couch is the perfect place to lay around watching movies (or all 4 seasons of Veronica Mars on Hulu which may or may not have happened last week.)

In one corner of the living room is a neat feature wall Cassie said she made herself with fake plants from Ikea. The hanging egg chair is surprisingly comfortable to sit and swing in, the perfect place to curl up with a good book. 

Speaking of good places to sit up and read, the balcony is pretty amazing, too! One corner has a hammock which I try to relax in at least a couple times a week. Lucky for us cold weather loving people, even in August it's not too hot around here. A few days have gotten into the 80s, but by evening it really cools down. The balcony also has a small grassy area for Smokey to hang out, a table and chairs for eating, a couch for lounging and even a self-contained fire pit!

The first night we arrived, when our hosts were still here, we stayed in the guest bedroom which, while small, was comfortable and well-appointed. When our hosts left they encouraged us to move into the master bedroom for the remainder of our stay here. We objected at first, insisting we were fine in the guest room, but then Cassie showed us the view from the master. I don't hate waking up to this every day!

She also generously cleared out closet/wardrobe space for us and even left hangers so we could hang up our clothes. If you ever host housesitters or any sort of long term guests I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to leave space for people to put their clothes away. Living out of a suitcase gets old quickly, and I love when we can truly unpack and settle into a place even if it's only for 5 weeks. The wardrobe space here is particularly awesome - when you open the doors there are lights that turn on automatically! I must say this is #closetgoals for me and has made it onto my wishlist for anywhere I live more permanently in the future. 

For the most part, the kitchen and bathrooms in this place are very modern and up to date, even by American standards. However, there is one odd feature that we had never seen in our whole last year of travel but now have here and in the flat we rented when we were in London. Instead of a regular enclosed shower, the bathroom itself is what is called a "wet room." This means that the showerhead is at one end of the room, but there is nothing that separates it from the rest of the room. Essentially, the entire room is the shower. Yeah, it's as weird as it sounds. In both London and here some things are positioned so that they don't get wet like the towels and toilet paper holder, but other things do get wet like the toilet and the entire floor. It is not my favorite set-up for a bathroom, that's for sure. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about this house, besides the view, the open floor plan, and the good lighting, is the smart technology! They have Google Home devices in every room which allow us to turn on the TV, play YouTube videos, and play music on Spotify on command. It. is. awesome. Between my experience here and when we stayed with Joel's dad and they had Alexa, I am totally sold on smart home tech. When we settle down in the UK I want to get some! Which will be hilarious because we are going to end up with a house furnished with whatever we can find at the thrift store, mixed with smart home technology. We'll only spend money on what really matters! 

So what do you think of our view? Any thoughts on the "wet room" - whether you've experienced on or not? Do you have smart home tech? Why or why not? Let's chat! 

XOXO, Bethany 



Your thoughts?

The wet room definitely takes some getting used to... and honestly I don't think I would tolerate it if that was the situation in my full-time house. I would have to break down and buy a shower curtain to at least keep the toilet from getting soaked, and probably figure out some kind of barrier I could add to the floor so the water wouldn't spread over the whole bathroom. It's just too annoying! 

We end up leaving the fan on all day (and therefore the light and the noise) just to get the place dry every once in a while.