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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 30

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 08/04/2019 - 10:00

Reading: 48/52 (+1 for the week) I finally finished a book I've been reading on and off for 6 months...yeah it was that bad. I'm glad to have it done though!

Language: 23270 XP (+0) Still thinking about new ways to work on this goal...

Weight Loss:

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 223.75
Weekly Change: +1.25
Total Change: -42.25
First Goal Weight: 180 
Pounds to lose until goal: 43.75

After a huge drop of almost 5 pounds last week, I'm not too disheartened to see a small jump up this week. I was more couch-bound this week than I should have been (Hello all 4 seasons of Veronica Mars on Hulu) and the only thing that got me moving was walking the dog 2-3 times a day. 

This week I plan to drink more water, keep up my vegetable consumption, lower my bread consumption, and get out to walk more - perhaps actually exploring more of my surroundings than the nearby grocery store and the dog's normal loop. The apartment we are staying in is so nice I'm hardly motivated to leave it...but I need to get out more! 

I've also been dealing with some extra pain/soreness in my back and neck again (I think I slept wrong one night?) so I'd like to start doing some yoga again as well. I have complete faith that I am still on the right track, even though it looks like a setback this week! 


Your thoughts?

I'm finally getting some motivation to get back to portioned eating and it's hard. I'm glad for your encouragement and accountability - you've been working so hard and it's paying off. I'll do some light yoga today for lunch in your honor. 

I feel like I've been stuck in this 40 pounds lost range for a long time now, but I'm ready to bust through! I figure I have 13 months to focus on weight loss before I get back to working full time when it will be a lot harder. You also have a baby so you have a lot going on! Enjoy that yoga, and I'll do some here in Bulgaria in your honor :)