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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 27

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 07/14/2019 - 03:41

Reading: 45/52 (+1 for the week) I read a book in a single day while we traveled from Chicago to London!

Language: 23270 XP (+0) Still thinking about new ways to work on this goal...

Weight Loss:

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 228.25
Weekly Change: -3.75
Total Change: -37.75
First Goal Weight: 180 
Pounds to lose until goal: 48.25


Well, getting back to Europe has been good for me! In one week I've lost 3.75 of the 10.5 pounds I gained while in the US. Hopefully, the rest of it will continue to come off easily and I can get back on track to a new low weight! 

I say easily because slipping back into a healthy lifestyle has felt natural for us here. The weather is incredibly temperate - staying mostly in the mid-70's - which makes being outside comfortable and even desirable. Which is an extra good thing because here we have to walk everywhere! We don't have a car so we have to walk to anything we want to do. On a low day, we might walk only 2 miles and we had one high day so far at 7 miles!

Now that we are back on our own budget we are also eating out a lot less, which makes healthy eating easier for me. Also, some of the produce that I love is way cheaper here, I can get 3 bell peppers for £0.91 (about $1.15) where in the States at one place they were 3 for $5! Even when I wasn't spending my own money I didn't want to pay those prices. 

This next week will be a bit crazy as I go to an overnight interview retreat (with lots of food I'm guessing, and I'll be mixing up my intermittent fasting hours) and then a full day of travel and then we'll be in Italy, so we'll see if I can keep this downward trend continuing!