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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:00

I don't think I could truly experience summer in the USA without enjoying one of America's favorite past times - baseball. I'm not really a huge fan of any sports in general but I must admit I enjoy watching a good old fashioned game of baseball once every couple of years or so. Here in Des Moines, we have a great team that plays at a great stadium so I'm always glad for a chance to check out a game! 

This year my brother was going with a group of his friends, so my mom, dad and I decided to tag along.

The day turned out perfect - the weather was warm but not too hot - well, as long as you weren't directly in the sun! While the seats listed on our tickets would have had us scorching, luckily no one was paying attention to any of the seat assignments and people tended to sit where they wanted. Which meant that we could grab some prime seats in the shade. Our view was fantastic! 

Des Moines is home to the minor league team known as the Iowa Cubs. If that sounds familiar it's because they are associated with the major league team the Chicago Cubs! The I-Cubs are what is sometimes referred to as a "feeder team" which means that players who perform well here can get called up to the big leagues in Chicago. Our mascot is Cubbie Bear and I was lucky enough to find him on one of my trips down to get snacks. 

Speaking of snacks...I asked on Instagram what I should get to eat and was informed by several people that a hot dog was a must. I actually cheated and went with a bratwurst instead...close enough, right? I ate mine with sauteed peppers & onions and slathered it in ketchup and mustard. It was delicious and a perfect ball game food. 

The first inning of the game was super exciting as the home team scored four runs! And then...they never scored again. We ended up losing to the El Paso Chihuahuas (I would love to see their mascot) 4-6. However, something else exciting happened to me during the game. Often when there is downtime while the teams switch who is on base, the cameras will scan the crowd and show different fans on the jumbo screen. At one point I recognized one of the faces on the screen! I was sure it was Norah, the daughter of a good friend of ours. A quick text to her dad confirmed my suspicions, and then I went to find her in the crowd! She was so excited that I had seen her and come over to say hello. 

I surprised myself by paying more attention to the game than I have in the past. I had actually brought my Kindle with me thinking I would get some reading done...but the game did a pretty good job of entertaining me! All in all it was a pretty darn enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon. 

Have you ever been to a baseball game before? Love it or hate it? What's your favorite stadium snack? Let's chat!

XOXO, Bethany