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Lust - The Least Deadly Sin

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 05/30/2019 - 09:12

Lust is one of those 'deadly sins' that's more of a throwback to a bygone era. 

Tell that to my divorced parents!

Sure, infidelity is a relationship killer (and the source of many a spouse's death, I'm sure), but many times it's not even 'lust', but 'pride' driving the cheater. It's proving that you're still attractive, or that you CAN.

Lust is the sin of passion. Being overwhelmed with the desire for something that you can't really think of much else. This can be a good thing in our society, when it comes to work, for instance, or many other 'passion projects', but when it overshadows things that should be higher priorities, like the welfare of your family, that's when it gets into 'deadly sin' territory.

And don't forget SEX!

But it isn't about just wanting to be sexual. It's about that desire overwhelming you, so you want little else. Almost everyone has a sex drive that we keep under control; it's when our passion is out of control that it becomes that 'deadly' sin. The reason it's so low on the list, is that sexuality isn't viewed quite as poorly as it was 2000 years ago. In many cultures, sex was only for procreation, not for enjoyment. Today, though, sex is viewed more casually, but some would say to the detriment of society.

Yeah! Maybe we should invest in more Scarlet Letters!

But who does it hurt having consensual sex? If you think about our hangups, mostly we just fight against sexual urges because society dictates that we fight against sexual urges. And that fighting can do more harm than good. Girls in school have to make sure they're wearing the right clothes or else they might 'trigger' the lust of their schoolmates. Breastfeeding is another issue causing problems. Is it sexual to show a bare breast? But it's for feeding babies! If society would take less issue with sexuality, these wouldn't be near the issues they are for us. 

We can't just let people run around naked, though... right?

Why not? There are several cultures that have done it. What logical reasons do we have for not allowing public nudity? Because it's a distraction? Really, it just harkens back to the puritanical ways of yesteryear. If people want to be naked, who does it hurt? Why are we regulating things that don't hurt anyone? Unless it's a question of 'controlling our lust'... but then, shouldn't we be trying to restrict those that can't control themselves instead of those that are aren't hurting anyone? 

So should there only be SIX deadly sins?

To me, lust is only dangerous when someone takes their passions too far, which is definitely a problem. Let's not equate it with sexuality, because society has too long condemned consensual sex in society, but it's still a problem when our passions get the best of us. 

What do you think of LUST being in my sixth spot for the sins? It's pretty controversial in our society! Sound off below if you think I'm wrong!