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Gluttony - My Favorite Deadly Sin

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 05/23/2019 - 21:19

Anyone who has met me knows that I've had difficulties with weight. Actually, what I have issues with is eating. I'm fine with exercise, but I just love food. It's probably true that you can have too much of a good thing, but my goal in life is to find that point! Gluttony is definitely my favorite deadly sin. 

In this series, I'm going to go through the deadly sins from my favorite to my most hated. While I understand that gluttony is a bad thing, it's hard for me to really say it's a 'Deadly Sin'... except it really is.

Gluttony Is A Bad Thing. No, really!

All good things have their limits. Imagine eating a donut. I often imagine myself eating a donut... I love donuts. /sigh OK! You eat a donut and you get a certain amount of satisfaction from it, right? But you get a small amount less from the second one... and the third. Eventually, we all stop, but those that embrace gluttony take it beyond the point of diminishing returns. That's me. Donuts, pizza, ice cream... I relish eating too much of all of them. And I pay the price with my health. I'm often in the 'obese' category and tired too often. 

So how can a person fight against gluttony? Discipline is the enemy of gluttony, so I try to set standards for myself. I know I'm weak when it comes to food, so intermittent fasting has done a great job in reducing my caloric intake. I simply stop eating at a certain time. There are no thoughts about, "Well I worked hard today, so I earned this!" I just can't eat after 5pm. Period.

Never? REALLY?! No cheating ever?

Yeah, I allow myself a cheat day once a month or so, but that's important, too! Make rules that are easy to follow and then follow them. Discipline. And accept that I am human, so I embrace that I love food. So I can eat what I want within that window of time. I get to be a glutton, just within boundaries! 

We all have flaws. Knowing ourselves helps us to overcome them, or in the case of my gluttony, to temper them. If you spend too much, make a budget. If that doesn't work (a budget is similar to a diet - they can be useful, but sometimes fail), try creating a special account that gets a set amount every so often. That's your fun money and you can't go over that. Hold yourself accountable, but set yourself up for success by setting strict rules. 

But it's hard!

Old habits are hard to break. If you can't do it yourself, find someone you trust to hold you accountable. We all have a responsible friend that will be willing to help create the bank account and go over the monthly statements. Eventually, you'll have better habits and you won't need the help as much. But that first step is to realize you have a problem. 

Are you a glutton? Do you indulge too much in certain activities? How do you restrain yourself? Do you have tricks or outside assistance? Add some accountability to your life and comment below with your most gluttonous activity!