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Future Sight - The Ultimate Goal of Society Will End It

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 05/16/2019 - 08:57

This is it. The final installment of Future Sight. And it focuses on the end of civilization as we know it. We already talked about the end of Capitalism, but this is about the end of MONEY and the complete restructuring of civilization because of it. 

But I LIKE money! How would I get my stuff?!

So, it's not really MONEY you like, but the STUFF! So what if you could have all of the stuff you want? And no, I'm not talking about socialism. This is the ultimate end to the efficiency of capitalism. It is an extension of nanobots that goes far beyond anything in most any scifi story or movie. An invention so profound that it will change everything forever. 


Well, we all know about 3D printers that can take media like resin and make a structure out of it (and they keep getting cheaper). And there are 'printers' that can use different types of media to put things together (like houses!). Now they are working on materials that turn from liquid to solid using lasers and more!. But what is next? What can we make if we perfect nanotech and combine it with 3D printing? What about nanobots that can replicate? Perhaps they could harvest materials from the environment in order to make some device or structure while also replicating itself to make building more efficient. Theorists are concerned, though, that (similar to cancer) a mistake or corruption in programming could cause the bots to go haywire and start destroying everything and turning the universe into 'grey goo'. 

But if we can avoid that, there's something even better. What if we could create a '3D printer' that can manipulate matter itself? What if we could move atoms around so that we could input sugar and take out the carbon and turn it into graphene or diamond and pure water? This would allow people to make so much stuff so cheaply!

We would still need money, though, right?

Oh probably... but what if we go a step further? What if we could make a QUANTUM printer? That strips down any matter into quarks and reassembles them into literally anything? This is the true Philosopher's Stone that could turn lead into gold! Or anything into gold, really. 

Is this really a thing?

Well, no, not for a long, long time. But it's possible, which means, eventually... it will happen. Being able to create anything you can imagine would be the end of scarcity. And money is only needed if we have scarcity. If you have all the stuff, you don't need money anymore! Society would ascend to the final level at that point. What would that look like? Who knows? It's hard to even imagine, honestly. Without wanting stuff, what would humanity do? Would we explore? Would we conquer? What weapons would we create? If anyone could create weapons of mass destruction, would we just destroy ourselves? 

What do you think? If someone created a quantum printer, what would they do with it? What would you do with it? Thanks for reading this series! It's been fun imagining what the future will bring. Did I miss anything? What do you think will be a game-changing invention?