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One of My Favorite Things: Podcasts

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 10:00

I started listening to podcasts a few years ago, though I never did so with any regularity. Over the last six months or so, however, I have been listening to them regularly, and I've come to have a regular cast of ones I love. I used to watch Netflix on my tablet while doing things around the house (making dinner, laundry, etc.) but now podcasts have replaced that habit. It's easier to listen instead of watch something, and I learn something with most of my podcasts, rather than mindless TV watching, so it's a win-win!

The app I use for listening to podcasts is called Stitcher. I love it because it automatically downloads new episodes for me, so they are ready to play when I want them, even if I don't have access to the internet at the time. I love that I don't have to think about it! Here is the current list of podcasts on my "favorites" list (in alphabetical order):

1. Everything Happens with Kate Bowler
This podcast is hosted by the author of the book Everything Happens for a Reason (read my review here) Kate Bowler. Bowler is a Duke Divinity professor who is also going through cancer treatments, and she interviews guests that have a lot to say on the subjects of life, suffering, death, and dying. That sounds morbid but it's actually very deep, meaningful, and uplifting. There is one whole season out right now and it's worth going back and listening to every episode. 

2. For the Love with Jen Hatmaker
Jen Hatmaker is a Christian author of books I've loved such as For the Love and Seven. Each episode focuses on a particular guest she interviews and is usually part of a larger series. I particularly liked her focus at the beginning of this year called "For the Love of Good Change." Sometimes I skip her episodes (she had a whole series on music I wasn't particularly interested in) but when I do listen I enjoy her conversations with people. 

3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
I started listening to this one after Hatmaker interviewed Rubin, and I am currently reading most of Rubin's books as well (you might know her as the author of The Happiness Project). On the podcast, she chats with her sister and they discuss "happiness hacks", reader questions, and things you can try at home to be happier. Sometimes they have really great suggestions, sometimes it's a little more inane (and every so slightly it gets product pushy) but it's a nice easy listen. 

4. Invisibilia
This podcast is produced by NPR and the trailer for season 5 says that "this season, Invisibilia helps you discern truth from fiction, cure your pain, and find your own true love with conviction. It's your very own Emotional Survival Guide!" Every episode is fascinating, well-researched and well-presented. I always learn something. I think my favorite episode this season is the one titled "Remote Control Brain" about a young woman who gets electrodes implanted in her brain to help control her depression. 

5. Pre-Loved Podcast
This one is produced by an Iowa girl who is a writer, blogger, and thrift shopper extraordinaire! She interviews people who are big in the thrifting/vintage/ethical fashion scene. I am getting into thrifting again so I love listening to the conversations, learning about the environmental impact of fast fashion, and I usually end up following everyone she mentions on Instagram so I can see the amazing outfits they put together from all second-hand items! 

6. Pulpit Fiction
I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who preaches weekly - it's like attending a lectionary discussion group but all you have to do is listen! Even though I'm not preaching right now this keeps me connected and will be a great resource when I do preach again. They occasionally do guest episodes as well where they interview people like Barbara Brown Taylor or Richard Rohr. 

7. Simple Roots Radio
I discovered this podcast through Iowa Girl Eats (my favorite food blogger) and this one is also produced by an Iowa girl! Every episode focuses on some aspect of nutrition from eating seasonally to metabolism to hormone regulation and I am always learning something new. I think I can credit this podcast with teaching me some things that have helped me to lose weight recently! 

8. Skimm This
I've been receiving the daily Skimm emails for years now, they are a great way to start the day with a quick overview of everything happening in the news (you can subscribe to that here). They launched this evening podcast just a few weeks ago, and it's a ten minute update on what happened during the day. If you want to be informed this is an easy, fun way to do it!

9. The Moth
The Moth is another NPR show, this one is all about storytelling. They actually do live shows around the country, and the podcast shares the best of the best. Anyone can applly to be a moth storyteller, and I think it's kind of on my bucket list to do so one day. The stories vary wildly and I never know if they will make me laugh or cry, but they are always worth listening to.

10. This American Life
Another NPR show, this one focuses on all sorts of things happening in the cultural zeitgeist. Recent ones include looking at the fat acceptance movement, and looking at conspiracy theories and the epidemic of fake news. 

11. Young House Love Has a Podcast
This was actually the first podcast I started listening to, when my favorite bloggers became podcasters instead. Admittedly the podcast can sometimes be boring and self-centered, and if you don't already know John and Sherry (I've been following them since around 2008) it's probably not that interesting. But occasionally they interview interesting people! Maybe just ignore this one, lol. 

So there you have it, all the podcasts that are currently on my favorites list! Do you listen to any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me on ones that are your favorites? I'm always looking for new ones! I need at least one more so I can make this list an even dozen.

XOXO, Bethany 

Your thoughts?

#4 and #10 have been on my listen-to list for while. I love invisibilia. When my previous phone swallowed too much rain water and its replacement arrived, I didn't put on many apps. I was only planning on using it for a few months. When my upgraded phone arrived I decided to only add apps that I was actively using when I needed them and have yet to download a vehicle of listening to podcasts. Long way of asking - Do you like Stitcher? 

I highly recommend Stitcher! I love that once a show is on my favorites list it will automatically download new episodes for me. Sometimes I find myself without internet and I still have entertainment at my fingertips without having to plan ahead. The only negative for me is when it downloads a new episode it will delete the old one, even if I haven't listened to it yet. If I could get it to quit doing that it would be perfect.