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Aubusson With a View

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 10:00

When we went to Aubusson to visit Suzanne, we not only got to check out the adorable little town she lives in, we got to see her amazing home! The house sits right near the heart of town, across the street from the waterway and has the most stunning views. It was built in 1780 and would have been a merchant's home at that time. Come along with me for the tour!

Suzanne has lived here for five years, and just last summer she decided to start renting her upper floor out on Air BnB. Aubusson is world famous for tapestries, and many people still come to the area to buy tapestries or learn how to make them. She has had guests from as far away as California! Wherever you come from and for whatever reason you visit, you are in for a treat when you stay here. She has called her listing "Aubusson With a View" - and for a darn good reason! 

When we first pulled up to the house we were blown away by how large it is! Suzanne owns all four floors of this ancient building, and she keeps it looking welcoming with flower boxes in the windows. If you look closely at the next photo you can see her smiling in the bottom left window. 

The front door opens on to a hallway, which we followed to the back to find the staircase. (The first floor houses a garage she uses for storage, and her daughter's room which we didn't see). An old set of wooden stairs takes you up to the second floor which houses the kitchen, dining room, and lounge. Pardon the mess in the dining room - I took this picture after we returned from the market so you can see on the table some of the goodies that were purchased. The room is sunny, spacious, and whimsically decorated. There is something interesting to see everywhere you look! 

Suzanne is an animal lover so I wouldn't recommend staying here if you don't like animals, but if you do you are in for a treat! She has eight cats who come and go as they please and the four that we met were super sweet. I was also very impressed at the level of cleanliness - if I hadn't seen them myself I never would have guessed she has cats! Her two birds live in the dining room and they are chatterboxes to the max, but very sweet. She never intended to get birds but couldn't resist adopting one with a broken wing several years ago, and then she had to get a friend for that bird. When the first one died the second was lonely so she had to get a friend for that bird. You can tell she has a big heart, and unless both birds pass at the same time someday I think she'll be hosting birds for forever. 

Off the dining room to the right is a small but well-equipped kitchen I forgot to take pictures of (whoops!). Off the dining room to the left is the lounge, which is showcases more of Suzanne's eclectic taste. I personally loved the purple walls and the giant gold mirror above the fireplace. I was also shocked at how comfortable those two old chairs in front of the bookcases were. 

When you turn to face the windows you not only get the great views, you can see she has a great TV! There would no shortage of entertainment in this room during the evenings - there is even a Wii to play with. 

The third floor of the house contains Suzanne's bedroom and the one full bathroom which is shared by Suzanne and any Air BnB guests. Then it's the last climb to the fourth floor where the two rooms for rent reside. She does make sure to warn people before they book that one must be able to climb all the stairs (with luggage!) The climb to the top really is worth it, as there you get this view. 

Here is the first bedroom. 

And here is the second! Both are cozy, super clean, and look like good places for a great night's sleep. 

The other super fun feature of Suzanne's place is the garden. The home is built into the side of a mountain, which means when you open the back door (on the second level) this is the sight you are greeted with. 

If you venture outside there are several levels to explore. The first one has a built-in pergola with comfy seating, while the second level gives you incredible views over the whole town. Suzanne dreams of turning the second level into a butterfly garden someday. 

Even if we weren't friends with Suzanne, if we were coming to Aubusson this is the Air BnB we would choose! It's the best price in town, and it actually includes a continental breakfast in the morning - a true Bed and Breakfast experience! (We've actually never had that in the half a dozen or so Air BnB's we've used so far in our travels.) Since we are friend with Suzanne we can tell you - she is fabulous - a great conversationalist, warm, and funny - all the qualities that make a great host!

So what do you think of this place? Would you love to spend a night or two in a home from the 1780s? Would you ever want to live in a home like this? I like the idea of it but I think in the end it would be too much house for me. Let's chat!