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Future Sight - They're Coming For Our Jobs!

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 05:28

That's right! There's an invasion coming and they're here for our jobs! Even though most of those jobs are menial, low-paying, and no-skill-required, it still means that hard-working Americans will have to find another way to make a living! It's true! Automatons are going to replace us!

They're Already HERE!

It started with automatic car washes, then came pay-at-the-pump. But now there are fully-automated convenience stores with no employees at all! And I say, let them come! I'm a big fan of progress and technology, so automation is a welcome change to our society. Yes, it will be hard, and no, I'm not happy that people will be out of work. But this isn't a new phenomenon. After all, we do celebrate our capitalist society, and efficiency is the main benefit of capitalism. But while efficiency gives us cool toys at low prices, that does come at the cost of jobs. Workers become more and more productive, so employers need less of them. That's just the way it is.

What Will Happen To The CHILDREN?!

Future generations will adapt to these changes to society, but for some, the problem is now. Self-checkouts mean less cashiers. Assembly lines are becoming more and more robotic. And soon, autonomous trucks will slash the costs of the transportation of goods. And this will be when things will really start to change in our society.

There are currently around 3.5 MILLION truck drivers in the United States alone. And companies won't be able to afford not to upgrade their fleet with driverless trucks. It will just save too much money for them. Fewer and fewer companies will be willing to pay top dollar delivery prices for a human behind the wheel. Trucking companies will either change or fail. 

How Will Workers Survive?!!

As is always the case, people will have to adapt. Individual workers will have to learn new skills to get a job. But I think society will have to change some, too. Soon, machine learning and artificial intelligence will start making just about every job obsolete. One option is to find a job training computers to do specific tasks, such as identifying patterns, which humans do very well even with little training. Eventually, though, there will only be so many jobs to go around. So perhaps we need to structure our society around humanity instead of productivity/jobs.

One suggestion (that might become inevitable) is Universal Basic Income. Everyone is guaranteed an income. A change of the tax structure will be needed, of course, but business owners are reducing overhead so much, it's inevitable that this income will have to be taxed differently. 

Maybe This Isn't The End Of The World

Personally, I think it's a good thing to have society focus on humanity rather than productivity. We shouldn't be measured by how much money we can make for someone else and we should have the freedom to be more. If we weren't forced into laborious pursuits, there would be more artists and entrepreneurs. Yes, there will be some major growing pains, but that's a part of societal progress. If we start planning for it now, I think we'll become far better than before. What do you think?