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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 7

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 10:00

Reading: 15/52 (+3 for the week) Three books in a week sounds like a lot...but they are all in the Shopaholic series. I'm having a lot of fun just reading the light, silly stories in the series, so I'm just powering through all of them. I'm on the last one now and then I promise, I will go back to reading real books. I even have two others downloaded and all ready to go. 

Language: 22670 (+1310 for the week) Duolingo made some changes to their app that make it harder to skip levels, which is annoying. But I'm still practicing away! I'm starting to get nervous about trying to actually speak French in France...I'm pretty sure even with all this practice I'm mostly getting good at reading/writing French and not actually speaking it. We shall see! 


Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 233.25
Weekly Change: +2.0
Total Change: 32.75
First Goal Weight: 180 (NEW)
Pounds to lose until goal: 53.25

I am up 2 pounds this week, but I am perfectly okay with that! I was doing keto and this week I went off of it, so a small gain is to be expected. I'm also planning to start a new Healthy Wage today, which is why my first goal weight is changing to 180. Now, I have yet to be successful and actually win a Healthy Wage, I will admit that. However, I'm spending the same as (if not less) than I would on a program like Weight Watchers, and I think I'm getting just as much benefit. Plus there is still always the chance I will finally win some money back! 

Next week I'll be able to fully update on what the new Healthy Wage goals are and what my winnings will be, so here's hoping for a big monetary number! I think I have finally shifted some things mindset-wise that will make it even easier to reach this goal. I am still really excited for breaking my 230 barrier (next week maybe?) and then it will be full speed ahead to getting under 200 (a number I haven't seen since I was about 20 years old.

Also next week I'll be writing this update from France! Whee!

XOXO, Bethany