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Clark's Village Outlet Shopping

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 10:00

Back when we were in Wales, and we started telling people our next housesit was in Street, every single person we mentioned that to said, "Oh! Street has great shopping!" They were all referring to the Clark's Village Outlet Shopping which is an open-air mall of sorts that is right off the High Street (main street) in, well, Street. 

There is a huge parking lot behind the village for visitors who come by car, but for us, it's less than a 10-minute walk. Once you are on the High Street there are several entrances to the shopping center, but we just discovered our favorite one yesterday. It's inconspicuous and you could easily pass it by without a second glance, but walking through the stone tunnel kind of makes you feel like you are entering another world. 

And really, you are - a world of good deals and sales! There are so many stores here, everything from shoes and home goods to makeup and fancy kitchenware. You can find American classics like Claire's and The Gap, as well as stores more local to the UK. Our personal favorite was a store called MenKind which was filled with toys, games, and themed items (think Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.). What we loved about it was that rather than being geared towards children, as many stores like this would be, this one was pretty clearly themed towards adults. Joel had a fun few minutes playing on an old Nintendo set. 

We love games so we had to browse the board game section. This one was a new one to us...and at only £6.99 totally would have gone home with us if we weren't traveling. It looks ridiculous but I think it would be a super fun party game! Who couldn't laugh at having to put poop on their head? No one I want to be friends with anyway. 

The village itself is beautifully laid out with gorgeous walkways and plenty of places to sit. There are also several food trucks scattered throughout that always smell amazing. We haven't tried any yet (trying to stay on budget and lose weight) but boy oh boy do I wish I could try all of them. 

There is also an amazing playground for children (and kid's at heart!) If we had any kids visiting us we would totally bring them here and let them go to town. There is tons of seating around the playground for adults, so I can imagine this is quite the hot spot when the weather is nice. We were there when it was gloomy and a little on the chilly side (not to mention the middle of a school day) so the place was deserted. 

We've been to explore the shops a couple times, but this particular time we were on a mission. The biggest store in the village - and in fact, the reason the whole place was built - is Clark's factory shoe outlet. I mentioned way back in the shoe museum post that Street is the home of Clark's shoes. Which means it's also the home of discount Clark's shoes! Plus, the person we are housesitting for used to work at Clark's and has a special employee discount he let us use - so we got an additional percentage off the already discounted outlet shoes. Joel and I both needed new sandals and I needed new tennis shoes (our old ones are literally falling apart). The place is humungous and rather overwhelming. 

It took us a while to figure out our shoe sizes in the UK, which is different from both American sizing and European sizing. I'm a 7 in the US which is actually a 4.5 in the UK! The store was organized by size so once we knew our sizes we could go look at all of the option available. I found a great pair of hiking/walking sandals - they aren't the most stylish things in the world but they are comfortable which is the most important thing for me right now. I had to size up for my tennis shoes to get them wide enough so they aren't perfect, but they were cheap enough that even if they only last me a year or so it will be worth it. (And I had to get new ones. The tread is almost completely gone on my 5-year-old pair I brought with - a fact I did not notice until I was working out in the living room the other day and almost slipped and fell!) 

For some reasons I didn't get a picture of my new shoes, so you'll just have to watch our other posts for when they make an appearance! The outlet store didn't have any men's sandals in yet, so we had to go to the other Clark's store in the village and order a new pair. With our additional discount, they were still decently priced, but they won't be in till next week so we don't know if we are keeping them yet or not. Hopefully, they'll be great because he sure needs them! 

So what do you think of the outlet village? Do you like shopping at places like this? Or shopping at all? I go through phases with shopping. Right now I'm really loving window shopping and just kind of imagining all of the things I might buy but not actually getting anything!

XOXO, Bethany