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A Six-ish Month Round-Up

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 10:00

We left the United States last July, so technically sometime in January, we hit our six-month milestone of living nomadically. We thought it would be fun if every six months or so we look back and do a round-up of everywhere we've been and some of the things we've been up to on the road. 

Think of it like one of those episodes every sitcom eventually does - a flashback episode to all the episodes that have come before. Sometimes those are annoying, but sometimes they remind you of bits and pieces of the show you forgot about, or even show you parts you missed! So here's a round-up of what life has been like since we left the States!

Leaving the States:

Getting from Texas to Cyprus (the first place we were housesitting) was quite the adventure involving 3 days of travel, 2 nights sleeping on planes/buses, and over 72 hours without a shower. Yeah, we did it all wrong. If you want to read about the whole (mis)adventure start with this post and from there you can click "next post" at the bottom to read through the whole story. 


The sunny island of Cyprus (in the height of summer!) is the first place we (temporarily) called home once we left the States. We lived in a cozy two bedroom apartment, cared for the sweetest dog named Lottie, and spent a lot of time swimming at the pool in the apartment complex. 

Getting around the island on the local buses took some work, but we managed to visit some incredible historical sites including the Tombs of the Kings, St. Paul's Pillar, Aphrodite's Baths, and an ancient monastery

Alongside all that history we enjoyed the beach along the Mediterranean sea, and perhaps my favorite bit of the whole time was a night we spent at a local restaurant with dinner and dancing! Of course, not every day was filled with quite so much excitement, so check out this post to learn what a typical day looked like for us in Cyprus.

If you are wondering if Cyprus is worth your time someday, check out my top 5 reasons to visit Cyprus!


From Cyprus, we went to Germany for a shorter two week housesit. Getting there was tough and we ended up spending the night in a McDonald's in a Berlin train station - you can check out that story here

Once in Germany, we packed a lot of fun into two weeks since we were staying in a lake resort town. Local activities included paddle boating, a local amusement park, a strange game of mini-golf, and trying out a tandem bike for the first time!

Of course, we also spent a lot of time at home taking care of the 3 baby chickens, 2 hens, and a duck that were our charges. The house we stayed in has a fascinating history which I wrote all about here. For a typical day for us in Germany check out this post!


Our travel from Germany to Wales was the easiest yet until we lost one of our suitcases and didn't get it back for over a month. That got our time in Wales off to a rocky start, but thankfully we got involved in the local community which quickly cheered us up! 

One of my favorite things we did in Wales was visit castles! We went all over from the very local Oystermouth Castle and Pennard Castle to traveling several hours to see Kidwelly Castle and Caerphilly Castle

Since we were in Wales for so long we also got to celebrate a lot of holidays with our newfound friends! From October into early December we celebrated Harvest, Halloween, Guy Fawke's Day on the 5th of November, Armistice Day, American Thanksgiving, and we even had an early British Christmas thanks to our friend Steve!

That sounds like a lot (and it was!) but a typical day in Wales wasn't quite as busy as all that sounds.

If you are wondering if Wales should be on your "to visit" list, check out my top 5 reasons to visit Wales!

UK Road Trip:

We had planned to get another housesit after our time in Wales was up, but fate intervened and we ended up doing a 2-week road trip through the UK with Steve! You can find the first post about that here, and then click through to read all about our 15-day adventure. 


After our road trip, we got through the holidays by spending a week housesitting in Cornwall over Christmas and then spent New Year's Eve in Poole with Steve

After a whole month of excitement and extra traveling, we were ready to settle into our first home for the new year in Street, England. Here we are taking care of 2 golden retrievers who need daily walks and 6 Persian cats who need almost daily grooming so we haven't gotten out and about as much as we normally do. Although we do have access to a car so we can venture a bit further afield when we do get out! 

We did make it to Cheddar (where Cheddar cheese comes from!) last week as well as checked out the nearby cities of Wells and Bristol. We've also explored the nearby town of Glastonbury and hiked up the Glastonbury Tor. There are a few more things I want to do during our time here so hopefully we'll get them done before it's time to head to...

France! Our next housesit is in France and I am so excited!

Too Long, Didn't Read:

Overall our time on the road has been amazing. Besides missing family and friends (and some food items we haven't been able to find) we are really happy and enjoying every minute of this adventure. 

We hope you are having fun following along, and thanks for joining us on the ride!

XOXO, Bethany 


Your thoughts?

Really great summary of your 6 months, I liked the quick-access links. I also laughed at your TLDR cheat-sheet section. 

To be honest, the review style TV episodes were always my least favorite ones - just seems like lazy writing to me, lol. I always skip those episodes now when I rewatch a show. I'm glad this was better than that! 

I totally agree that now I usually skip them because they don't move the story forward, but when I was watching before streaming and DVR/TiVo and other record and play back technology (I was never someone to remember to record a show on VHS if I was going to miss it), there were always holes the story that a clip-show would fill in for me. I think they served a purpose before I consumed shows in a chunk rather than in bite sized pieces.