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Street Art in Bristol, England: A Pictorial

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 10:00

Bristol, England is a city in the Somerset area, about an hour from where we've been housesitting. It is also rumored to be the birthplace and hometown of Banksy - the renowned yet completely anonymous street artist. As we wandered around the city this week we found a ton of street art, all of it amazing! 

Since the street art speaks for itself, and I don't really know the stories behind any of it, I'm just going to share the pictures with you here. I will say, only one of these pieces is allegedly a Banksy. I'd love to hear your guesses at the end as to which one it is! I will post them in the order we found them as we wandered the city. 

Street Art #1:

Street Art #2:

Street Art #3:

Street Art #4:

Street Art #5:

Street Art #6:

Street Art #7:

Street Art #8:

Street Art #9:

There you have it! Be sure to let me know which one is your favorite, and which one you think is the Banksy!

XOXO, Bethany


Your thoughts?

I really like the bottom one (#9) I wonder who it is (it's definitely not a classic Banksy style).  It would be easy to trace #1 - they provide their insta on it :). 

Being near Bristol makes me realize that you are kind of near Bath. That is a fun side trip too but the actual Roman Baths are not free to tour. You'd like be timed to get off-peak pricing though. Anyway, I'm having a moment of de'ja'vu so ignore me if I have already said this. 

Yeah, we thought about going to Bath, especially when Steve was here last week (since it's a bit of a longer drive.) In the end we decided it wasn't really worth it for what you named - it costs to get into the baths and Steve said they really weren't worth it in his opinion. Other than that Bath is famous for good shopping which we can't afford/don't have room for stuff, lol. 

Oh yes, Number 9 is really cool. I wish I could have gotten closer to catch more of the detail! 

I wondered if anyone would catch that about #1 ;)