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The Apps, Sites, and Services that Keep Us Entertained in Europe

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 10:00

The other night we were trying to figure out what to watch, so I pulled up our account where we have our catalog of digital movies. I decided to look through their list of free movies (with about seven total 30 second commercials) and found a movie called Dudes and Dragons and couldn't pass it up. It turns out it was produced by Adam Goldberg (the focus of the show The Goldbergs) and it was just as awesome as I expected it to be. It made me realize how many sources of entertainment we have at our fingertips.

It's a lot of fun seeing all the historical sites and other interesting places, but sometimes we like to just stay in and relax. We used to see tons of movies in the theaters, but we've only seen one since we've left the States. So what do we do for entertainment here? Some places have cable, but we typically prefer to stream movies and shows online so we can watch on our own schedule. 

We still watch a lot of Netflix and YouTube, which were our main sources in the US, but we have also found some other sources that we really enjoy. Before we left, we registered our digital copies of our movie collection on We found out that they have a TON of free movies, too (with some quick commercials). We've used a VPN service for a while (NordVPN) to protect our privacy, but in addition it lets us use US services like Vudu while traveling and see US only Netflix shows. It's pretty cool. 

The other discovery we've made is, which is a local TV station here in the UK. They have all sorts of shows both from the US and the UK. You can actually sign up from anywhere, so you can check out some of the shows we see. Be warned, though, they have much more nudity and swearing in the UK! 

Besides streaming, we like to play some games. We have some mobile apps, but we have also used to play games with our friends back home. We're considering another option, which is Table Top, a program that emulates playing on a real table with the actual game. We'll have to let you know how it goes! 

In order to really enjoy our entertainment, we brought an HDMI cable with us, so we hook up the laptop to the TV to get the full experience. If you go travelling with a laptop and have Netflix or similar, definitely bring an HDMI cable with you. You can hook it up pretty easily, so it's worth taking it with you. 

That pretty much covers it! What do you use for streaming? Are there any free options we should check out? Let us know in the comments!