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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 3

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:00

I've had a pretty good week on all fronts... and especially on the language one thanks to one fierce competitor. I probably would have finished more books but I spent a lot of extra time on French.

Reading: 5/52 (+ 2 books for the week)

Language: 14460 XP on Duolingo (+10630 from last week!) I kind of got into a competition with another player this week while I was desperately trying to keep the number one spot in my league, which is why I earned so much XP this week. I'm currently sitting at the number two spot and he's 2000 XP ahead of me so I'm just gonna have to let him win this one. Darn you, Kevin! 

Weight Loss:

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 238
Weekly Change: -1.25
Total Change: -28
First Goal Weight: 207
Pounds to lose until goal: 31

I've definitely upped my veggie intake as a habit now, and I'm loving it! I've realized that the trick for me (right now anyway) is to buy fresh vegetables. Then I feel the urgency to cook/eat them before they go bad so I didn't waste my money. When I was relying on frozen veggies I could say "ehhh I'll eat them tomorrow" because I knew they would last. I'm eating at least one fresh vegetable with every meal now and I can feel my habits and tastes changing! Now I just need to up my exercise to keep the scale moving in the right direction. 

XOXO, Bethany



Your thoughts?

Bravo on moving all the goals this week, that's pretty impressive. After downloading the app, signing on and adding you as a friend... I have yet to re-sign into the app. So I haven't been much help in encouraging, lol, glad your friend Kevin is though. 

...he's a nemesis! Haha, just kidding. I totally understand if you don't have time for the app, what with keeping the tiny human alive and all. We'll see how much momentum I can keep up on all the goals this week, I tend to start and stop in fits and spurts, lol.