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Top 10 Board Games from 2018

Submitted by Joel on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 05:27

Looking back to 2018, Bethany and I have seen quite a few changes. Most have been great, some good, and some not so good. One thing we've lost while traveling Europe was our ability to play board games as much as we'd like to. So as some live vicariously through us on our adventures, I live vicariously through my friend, Brian, who might actually enjoy board games even more than I do.

Brian was once my business partner in a retail game store where we sold board games, but we've now both moved on to bigger and better things. Brian is now working as a statistician for the US government, so he has had some extra time on his hands lately (for those not in-the-know, the US government has been shut down about three weeks, with many government workers on furlough). So he did some research on 2018 board game releases and wanted to share it with the world! I added our affiliate links to items sold on Amazon otherwise, I linked to if you're interested in doing more research.

So without further ado, HERE'S BRIAN!!

Brian playing board games with a title card

The board game hobby has exploded in the last few years. Many claim that we are in the golden age of board games. It seems that there were just under 5000 board games released last year alone! Which ones should I buy? As much as I would like to get a majority of them, I don’t have the space for them. Also, my wallet and wife might have a few complaints. To help us sort through all of those games, we have professional reviewers letting us know what they think are the best games. Sadly, there are also a lot of reviewers! As I have dived into this great hobby of board games, I joined several facebook groups. As the end of the year came, I quickly noticed that reviewers were posting their Top 10 releases of 2018. List after list were posted and all by great reviewers. It can be rough to sort through all that information! Lucky for me, one of my other passions besides board games is data! With the help of the board gaming community I started to collect the data from as many professional reviewers as I could. Now that I have collected data, I am here to share the results. Why go off of one reviewer when you can see what they are all saying! Below is the top 10 of top 10 lists for games released in 2018.

I gathered lists from 33 reviewers' top 10 lists. Amongst these lists, there were 125 unique games. I used the same ranking system as Eurovision (1 to 12pts) to weight the individual rankings. In the table below the Points is the Eurovision score, Inclusion is the percentage of lists the game was included on. 

Rank Name of Game Points Inclusion
1 Chronicles of Crime 98 48%
2 Teotihuacan 89 36%
3 Coimbra 86 36%
4 Underwater Cities 77 33%
5 Root 74 30%
6 Rising Sun 59 30%
7 Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game 54 24%
8 Welcome (To Your Perfect Home) 52 27%
9 Architects of the West Kingdom 50 18%
10 Cryptid 49 21%

If you want to purchase a game that was released in 2018, this is a great list to start looking at! One of the main things that I learned from doing this small project, is that there were a lot of great games released in 2018. There are a variety of different games to fit the variety of different tastes. It is pretty interesting to note that the number one game didn’t even make it into the top 10 of over half the reviewers! While the great number of good games can make it difficult to decide what to get, revel in the fact that we are in a Golden Age of Board Games!