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Small Steps to Big Changes: Week 1

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 01/06/2019 - 10:00

My weekly post about my journey with health and weight loss had the same title for all of 2018 - "Losing the Weight, Finding Myself". In 2018 I lost about 30 pounds, which is a great starting point for where I want to go. As far as finding myself, I feel like I've done a good portion of that too! I'm definitely starting the new year more clear headed, with stronger more achievable goals than ever before. 

With all that, I feel like the new year deserves a new title for this weekly update post. 2019 is the year of crushing goals, I can feel it! I'm going to use this weekly space to check in on how I'm progressing for the goals I set for myself in this post. I might not check in on every one every single week, but over the course of the year this should help keep me on track!

On the weight loss front we have decided to purchase a scale. I know, it seems like a silly thing to carry all over Europe with you, but I have found that I 100%  need that accountability, and other than our very first housesit back in Cyprus not a single place we've been has had a scale. So, I decided to donate some clothes that no longer fit well (too big!) to make room in my suitcase for a scale. 

We found one at the local Lidl (like an Aldi) for £20 and I was super excited about it because it came with an app and not only tracked weight but bone mass, muscle density, hydration, BMI, etc. Cue my disappointment when it turns out you have to have a UK based phone to install the app. So the mission this week is to return that scale and find a different one (hopefully cheaper and lower tech since the fancy stuff won't work with us). 

But I did get to weigh in on this one this morning, so here is where I am starting the new year: 108 KG, aka 238 pounds. Not great considering I left Cyprus at 236.8 pounds, but pretty good considering I started 2018 at 266 pounds. And really a 1.2 pound gain over a period containing all the holidays and no way to officially track my weight? I'm still gonna call that a win. 

But it is BUCKLE DOWN time if I want to hit 207 by February 23rd and win $435! Obviously I want to win that money so I am ON IT. This housesit has started off great as A. they have dogs so I have to walk every single day and B. They left tons of fresh fruits and veggies behind so I'm working on gobbling those up before they go bad. I think it's gonna give me some good momentum going forward! Plus once I have a scale that is officially mine I'll be able to track my progress to my heart's content which is something I really need. 

I am crushing my reading goal for the year so far, with 2 books already completed (although technically I started one of them in 2018). And for my language learning goal I'll track my XP on Duolingo each week so here's my starting point: 2430. 

That's all for today!

XOXO, Bethany 

P.S. If you want to sign up for Healthy Wage (it is so motivating!) you can use my link here and we each have a chance to up our prize by $40!