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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 48

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 09:00

Weight: Unknown

Greetings this week from a small town in Cornwall, England! After two weeks of super fun traveling and doing and eating all - the - things, I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas week at home. Well, our home for the week anyway. Our housesit this week is an old Sunday School building that was converted into a home and it is stunning (also, their address is literally "The Old Sunday School" instead of a number, how awesome is that!). 

We have two adorable dogs to take care of this week, and they will keep me active with two walks around the neighborhood a day. We bought plenty of groceries with us (leftover items from Wales) so we shouldn't need to do any shopping to eat pretty light and healthy this week. I am looking forward to Christmas day and our traditional cheese and crackers dinner! 

After two weeks on the road and rarely hitting my 100 push-ups/20 min yoga/2 mile walking goals I'm looking forward to getting back to it this week. My back has been screaming at me to do some freaking yoga already! I also love the week between Christmas and New Year's - it's the perfect time to take stock of the year that has passed, and set some goals for the one ahead. I have a really good feeling about 2019!

XOXO, Bethany