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Rhosilli Point - The Furthest Point on the Gower Peninsula

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 10/31/2018 - 10:00

Have you ever had the experience where one person mentions one thing to you, and then another person does, and suddenly it seems like everyone is telling you the same thing? Well that happened to us recently with Rhosilli Point. One person mentioned we needed to go there, then the next day another, and then a third and it just kept happening!


Rhosilli Point - the Furthest Point on the Gower Peninsula.png

We met Steve last week when we were visiting the Nicholaston House and he was volunteering there. We started chatting because he had heard we were from Iowa, and he has actually been there! During our first brief conversation (he was gardening and we were doing the prayer walk) he also mentioned Rhosilli Point, and then said since it's such a beautiful day, why don't we all go out there! Joel and I are always on board for some last minute adventure so we made a plan to meet up at 3 when Steve's volunteer day was done. 

The gate to Rhosilli Point.png

When the appointed time rolled around we hopped in Steve's car and headed out to Rhosilli Point. (Side note: I realize it probably sounds strange that we just got in a car with some random dude, but it didn't feel crazy at all!). The drive was about 25 minutes from where we were and we all chatted amiably the whole time, getting to know one another. When we arrived at the point, I was so glad we took a chance on this random person, as this place is beautiful! 

Walking out to the point.png

The bay was just as beautiful as the one we had seen at the Nicholaston House, and it really was the most perfect day. The sky was blue, the water was bluer and the grass was a gorgeous green. If you look closely in the next picture you can see there is one white house that sits on the bay. Can you even imagine waking up to this view every day? Incredible.

Rhosilli Bay.png

As we started walking out to the point, Steve told us about some of the history of the place. He is English and just recently moved to Wales, but he is an avid learner and has really thrown himself into learning about his new home - even taking lessons in the Welsh language! He told us that these major divots and dents we see here in the ground were not natural - they are the result of bombs that fell during WWII. 

Dent in the ground.png

The further we moved out on the point the more clearly we could see the very edge - what is known as the Worm's Head. That is the absolute furthest point of the Gower peninsula, and at certain times of day you can actually walk out there! You can see that when we were there that wasn't possible, the tide was high so the walking path was completely submerged. 

The Worm's Head at Rhosilli Point.png

There are signs posted that inform visitors whether you can cross or not. You have to time it right and be careful or you can get stuck on the Worm's Head waiting for the next low tide! Steve said the island has a lot of rats, and that some are the size of dogs! I'm guessing he might have been exaggerating, but still, not somewhere I want to spend significant time. 

Times for crossing to the worm's head.png

If the timing was right I do think I would walk all the way out there, but I'd be careful to watch out for the rats! And I don't think I would stay long, I'm pretty sure I'd be paranoid about getting stuck out there. This time we settled for the gorgeous photo op, and then began our trek back to the car. It was definitely worth driving out to see this view. Fun fact - we are actually heading back out to Rhosilli Point with Steve today! They are hosting a Halloween event about sea monsters... I am super excited and I will share all about it soon! 

Joel and Bethany at Rhosilli Point.png

Happy Halloween! 

XOXO, Bethany